Modern Spine Ailment: All You Want To Know About Text Neck

By      13-May 2022       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Modern Spine Ailment: All You Want To Know About Text Neck

As the term ‘text neck’ says, the neck has been so tortured while texting that it now has acquired that shape. It is defined as the neck pain or damage done to the neck from looking down to the phone or laptop all day. And this condition is increasing in modern times. Texting, playing games on wireless devices, or working on the laptop for long hours can cause serious damage to the back and spine that can be permanent.

These activities can be fun and seem right in the time but if prolonged, they can cause lifelong damage.

Symptoms Of Text Neck:

  • Neck pain
  • Bad posture
  • Severe upper back pain
  • Upper back muscle spasms
  • Pain and tightness in shoulders
  • Headache
  • Pain going down to arms

Examination of the neck to check any muscle tightness or stiffness in any area around the neck. Also, head rotations can help identify any restriction in motion or muscle tenderness.

What’s The Best Angle To ‘Text’?
Usually, people text while lowering their head to about 60 degrees which puts all the extra weight on their neck. Maintain the right posture while texting too, i.e. the ears should be aligned with the shoulders, and the head must be in the neutral position to avoid any extra weight on the neck. Keep the mobile phone in an upright position at eye level, instead of hunching on it. You can also place your laptop on a stand that is at your eye level so that you don’t have to bend your neck down.

  • Yoga- practicing yoga can help relieve any muscle stiffness, and increase flexibility in the body. If we have a weak core then the chances of back pain increases, so it is necessary to strengthen your core. Concentrated back exercises can strengthen the back muscles too. Yoga can do all this by regular practice.
  • Neck Exercise- neck exercises can help relieve muscle tenderness and promote flexibility. They can also improve the blood circulation and soothe any kind of neck or back pain.
  • Breaks- the text neck position may be comfortable for a few minutes but practicing it for long periods can lead to degradation of the neck, back, and spine. Taking frequent breaks from the screen and this position and doing some neck exercises will help muscles to relax and increase blood circulation, avoiding any kind of stiffness.

This position may not be a problem, but doing it for prolonged periods is definitely a problem. Be mindful and keep reminding yourself to look up after every few minutes. Keep the eye level maintained and ears, shoulders, hips, and ankles aligned for a good and healthy posture.

Your neck is holding your head for you, you can hold your phone correctly, for it. Right? Be careful how you are texting, practice these tips to avoid a ‘text neck’.

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