A To Z of Health – “V” is to Visualize with a Vision Board

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A To Z of Health – “V” is to Visualize with a Vision Board

What is a vision board?

A vision board can be defined as a powerful tool that helps you in finding out your desires by focussing on your power of choice. This is one of the great tools that help you in investing your time and energy correctly to visualize your near future and allow you to work steadily on your life goals. The vision board is also known as the dream board.

How does a vision board work?

The control of choice: Vision board gives you the strength you to scrutinize your needs and desires and make you concentrate on what exactly matters to you. You create a board which is of limited space and that is how you force yourself to fill that space with important things first which take you through your most precious desires. The process involved in this process is simple yet significant.

The control of visualization: No doubt, it can help you to go in deep and visualize your desires which further directs to an appropriate, loud and clear message. Visualization is not as simple and once it’s done you are halfway to achieve your targets. Visualization of objectives is as influential as the execution of the action.

The control of consistency: Be it visualizing or implementing, consistency is the key to achieve the results. By generating a vision board and engaging with it on a regular basis, you can create consistent opportunities for your future. This regular consistency trains your mind, body, and spirit to layout your desires while making a proper plan to achieve it.

What should be included in a vision board?

  • Plan the lookout of your board

It can include

  • Single board or multiple boards
  • What type of images you want to include (newspaper cutouts, magazines, quotes)
  • Tidy board or messy board
  • Buy your supplies
  • Look out for the perfect space (make sure it is uninterrupted and quiet)
  • Create your vision board


So, make a creative vision board and organize your thoughts and future goals easily. Do let us know how you make your vision board and how you maintain it? Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends.

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