Top 5 Myths & Facts on Weight Loss

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Top 5 Myths & Facts on Weight Loss

The internet is flooded with plenty of weight loss information and it is quite difficult to evaluate what is true and what is not! When it comes to health, weight loss is one of the key factors that always take the centre stage but unfortunately due to the plentiful of material available around this topic, we often might not be able to achieve the results what we thought of! To provide you with genuine and accurate information on weight loss, here we extract the facts from the fiction so that you can easily achieve your weight loss goals without harming your body.

  • Myth: Snacking is not a good option
  • Fact: Many people believe that snacking is not a good idea and snacking between the meals can hamper the weight loss goals. Starving yourself is never a good option if you are trying to lose weight, it only increases your hunger which ultimately leads you to pack more calories and weight gain. Keep your meals smaller and try to consume 5-6 meals a day in order to healthily lose weight. You can snack between meals but always choose healthier options of snacking like nuts and seeds, fruits, smoothies, roasted Kala chana and trail mix. These snacks are extremely nutritious and healthy and boost your energy without obstructing your weight loss.

  • Myth: Carbs should be avoided
  • Fact: Eliminating carbs from the diet is the latest trend that people follow these days to lose weight. But carbs are extremely important for the body and weight loss- all of it depends upon the type of carbs you are choosing. Avoid processed carbs which are mostly found in sugary foods and white flour and instead chose whole grains, brown rice, beans, legumes and nuts and seeds. Consuming good carbs help in the smooth functioning of the body while enhancing your energy levels to perform physical exercises.

  • Myth: Green tea helps in losing weight
  • Fact: There are no researches that support the statement that green tea helps in losing weight. Green tea is rich in antioxidants epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is well known to boost metabolism. In addition to that, consuming green tea provide various essential benefits to the human body. You can consume green tea between meals to reap the maximum benefits.

  • Myth: Completely ditching fast food is essential
  • Fact: You can still eat your favourite junk food while trying to losing weight. Completely ditching your favourite food can make you irritated and increase your cravings which can easily lead you to consume more calories. The key is to maintain your portion size. Regular consumption of junk food can make you gain weight. Make a day to cheat and keep your portion size smaller to enjoy your favourite food without damaging your goals.

  • Myth: Eat fewer calories
  • Fact: Starving yourself is the hitting trend to lose weight. Not consuming proper nutrients and cutting down your meals can easily take a toll on your overall health while sabotaging your motives for losing weight. Consuming fewer calories can only increase your cravings and slow down your metabolism which is not good for weight loss. Choose healthier foods and consume every nutrient to smoothen the whole process.

Over to you
Taking the lane of myths cannot only sabotage your weight loss goals but also can take you closer to various health ailments. Just follow the accurate facts to keep yourself fit and fine while loosening your inches.

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