Here’s How you can Tone up your Body During Summer

By      20-Apr 2020       Reading Time: 6 Mins

Here’s How you can Tone up your Body During Summer

Hot air, warm and tiring days, sweaty body- summer is here and it can make you pack unnecessary calories due to the consumption of sugary and cooling drinks, syrupy ice-cream and frothy shakes. Healthy habits during the summer cannot only help you in maintaining a slim and toned body but also helps in keeping the diseases at bay. Today, we bring you some of the easy ways that help you to maintain your weight while decreasing the risk of summer-related health ailments.

Add these easy ways in your lifestyle and get that summer body ready in a very short span of time.

  • Eat light food: Eating mindfully during summers can not only prevent you from packing unnecessary calories but it also saves you from various digestive problems like bloating, burning, gas and stomach pain. Do not skip any meals and incorporate light and fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet to lose weight healthily. A lot of people follow the method of starving to lose weight but this can lead to pack even more calories once a person get back to eating. Also, the scorching heat and empty stomach can make you feel weak and increase the chances of various health ailments. You can add vegetable salad, fruit salad and smoothies in your diet as these are filled with essential vitamins and minerals and help you in keep going through the bright summery days.


  • Hydrate yourself: Proper hydration during summertime is a must and it helps in flushing out the toxins from the body which assist you in losing weight. Also, blistering heat can make you dehydrated which can increase the risk of various health problems. So, don’t forget to sip your water and if you are bored of consuming plain water then you can add a different and unique taste to it by adding lemon, fruits, basil and mint in it. Infused water can give your body a great detox.


  • Learn the art of portion control: Portion control is the key to lose weight! Eating everything altogether creates a problem in the digestion which ultimately leads to weight gain. Break your meal and eat it at different intervals. This way your body can easily digest your calories and help in maintaining an ideal weight.  You can use small plates, use hand for serving, skip eating while cooking and directly from the containers to control your portion size.  


  • Track your calories: To not waste all your efforts, you should definitely keep an eye on the calories you are in-taking. Obviously, you don’t have to mathematically calculate the calories you are eating but just keep a track of what exactly you are eating, how much you are eating in one go, and you are burning the calories you are eating or not. This way you can manage your meals and lose weight healthily. Don’t cut out any nutrient or meal, if you don’t know its value.


  • Never skip workout: A proper workout routine can easily burn your calories while reducing the risk of various diseases. A regular workout regimen can make your fat cry while helping you in losing out the extra pounds. It is extremely important to burn out the calories regularly so that you won’t get all fatty and bubbly. 30-45 minutes of exercising that includes aerobics, stretching, walking, running, jogging and high-intensity workouts are all good to make you slim and trim.



Don’t follow any fad diets or cut out the meals or nutrients from your diet as it will only pressure and burden your body. It’s not one season that your body needs care. Keep working on your body on a regular basis to make yourself healthy, slim and toned.

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