Health Challenges of The Decade by WHO- #7 Dangerous Products

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Health Challenges of The Decade by WHO- #7 Dangerous Products

The World Health Organization (WHO) took a step forward and created a list of 13 health challenges to bring advancement in the healthcare policies and to modulate the current system of Medicare facilities and food pattern going on. Not only this, their list involves many problems around the world including fighting with the inferior and falsified medical products and build up primary care and health education.

WHO said that the big and major issues that bring distress and suffering around the world must overcome by 2030. WHO don’t set any order to target the issues but the major ones include climate change, health care in times of conflict and crisis, making health care fairer, expanding access to medication, infectious diseases, epidemic preparation and cleanliness of health care facilities and protecting people from dangerous products.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of WHO said that improper plans to deal with these health hazards put thousands of lives and livelihoods in jeopardy. He further added that all of these issues are not simple to address, but they are within reach. If action is taken now all of them can be solved with much ease.

What is the seventh challenge about?

The seventh challenge is about protection from dangerous products so that people can enjoy foods without making any harm to their health. Preparing and arranging such policies that give proper information about the ingredients involved in the food is one of the important parts of this challenge.

Guarding Against Dangerous Products

As food insecurity, hunger and poverty continue to outbreak millions, people are getting used to consume foods and drinks that are high in sugar, Trans fat, and salt. Such bad consumption of food is giving way to many health-related problems like obesity, heart problems, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and many others. Moreover, usage of various harmful drinks, nicotine and tobacco is increasing which is putting many lives at stake.

Major health concerns are rising in many countries related to e-cigarettes which are a major cause of many health problems. WHO took a step forward in making rules and regulations to overcome this challenge. WHO is working with different countries to advance public health policies, boost food systems, and recovered healthy supply and sustainable diets.

Over to you

WHO is working on these health hazards in order to provide better health and diet systems to the people. Misleading information about health products should be stopped and people should have proper information about what is good for them and what is not. While WHO is working on health hazards you should also gain information and knowledge about how you can protect yourself from various misleading products.

Stay tuned for more updates on the other health challenges.

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