World No Tobacco Day- Make a Healthy Choice

By      31-May 2019       Reading Time: 5 Mins

World No Tobacco Day- Make a Healthy Choice

A mammoth impetus that has caused several deaths globally is Tobacco. Tobacco is such a stimulant which triggers various disruptions in the human body. Its evil impacts have globally raised the concern to reduce and curb its usage. In order to improve the situation, world No tobacco day is marked internationally to raise awareness on harmful effects of tobacco and minimize or combat its use. There are several risks posed by tobacco, its dangers cannot simply be neglected. It is imperative to raise maximum awareness and induce the public at large for the same. The magnitude of risk by tobacco leads to some chronic respiratory diseases, lung cancer, tuberculosis and other health degradation.

Tobacco is the most common factor causing increased deaths and then comes smoking. Smoking intensifies health issues causing impairments and demises. Smoking damages airways and small air sacks in your lungs. Not just the smoking but exposure to second hand smoke is very lethal. It leads to asthma, respiratory infections and develops a greater risk of heart diseases. Smoke permeates the environment which is quite detrimental for everyone existing in that environment. Therefore, it is essential to quit smoking or consume tobacco in any forms for better health and wellness.

In order to promote good trim and vitality it is eminent to say no to tobacco. Here are some de- addictions foods that help you break free from tobacco. So replace tobacco with these wholesome options:

  • Ginseng Tea: Ginseng tea exhibits remedial properties for nicotine addiction. This help curb craving for tobacco. Ginseng is loaded with antioxidants and posses anti-inflammatory properties. This also boosts energy and reduces stress. Therefore, it is very beneficial and helpful in doing away with tobacco.
  • Milk: Stoush nicotine with a glass of milk. Milk is packed with nutrients and helps maintain a healthy balance. Whenever there is an urge for tobacco, grab milk as it helps reduce the cravings and make the flavor of tobacco worse.
  • Dry Herbs and Spices: these are stacked with health benefits. Herbs are rich in vitamins that help fight nicotine. Spices curb the cravings for tobacco. It has a very calming and soothing outcome and also satisfies your cravings.
  • Leafy Greens: Veggies are important for a healthy diet. When you consume tobacco it reduces the nutrient content from your body. So work for nutritional deficit and incorporate the healthy vegetables in your diet. It also inflames the taste of tobacco cutting down on your cravings.
  • Fresh Fruits: Tobacco soaks up nutrients from your body. Succulent and fresh fruits help to replenish them. Include more fruits in your diet. This also helps reduce craving and worsen the taste of tobacco. This also stimulates your energy and boosts immunity.

Over to You

It is not that easy to replace tobacco but take small steps to work on this. Pay heed to no tobacco food tips and stuff yourself with foods that make you energetic as well as positive. Tobacco degrades elementary organs of your body. Realize the importance of health. Take actions and measure to improve the situation. Try to avoid triggers and manage the stress effectively. Make wholesome choices for better health.


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