The Trending Dento- Facial Aesthetics

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The Trending Dento- Facial Aesthetics

Currently, people’s aesthetic requirements and expectations have increased substantially. Whether old or young, everyone is concerned about their looks and smile. Facial aesthetics also has a very important influence on social behaviour and perception. These treatments are no longer the reserve of the rich and famous, it is now more freely available and extends further than just injections into your forehead to remove frown lines and giving ladies the infamous trout pout.

A smile can light up a room and fill a person with confidence. It can inspire and invite others to smile in return. If an individual is ashamed of their smile, they lose one of the easiest ways to influence the world around them. Facial Aesthetics offers minimally invasive techniques that can increase the quality of life.  

When our patients come to us searching for aesthetic improvements, as dental professionals we immediately start to look at teeth and gums, as we have the techniques to repair and beautify them. On the other hand, patients have different concerns and requirements. Some are more concerned about their smile and the way it enhances their face, some feel conscious as they have Gummy smile ( gums showing too much while smiling ) , whereas some are not happy with the way the lips show when smiling and many have a concern with the teeth shape , size and colour!!

Facial & Dental Aesthetics

With the growing trend in the past few years about Facial and Dental Aesthetics, it makes it more easier for the people to have a one stop solution for the treatments for their overall facial appearance. Complete “ Dento-Facial Rejuvenation” is an approach focused on a holistic, preventative and conservative treatment philosophy. Cosmetic Dentists are among the very best people to be offering Dento-Facial Aesthetics which includes a perfect smile matching to your overall facial appearance and the symmetry and proportion of the face . It also includes treatments such as Botox for a gummy smile , Lip fillers , cheek enhancement with fillers, Botox for smile lines , chin corrections , naso- labial folds correction with fillers.

A comprehensive dento-facial evaluation and smile design can be divided into 4 areas:

  • Dento-facial aesthetics the evaluation of teeth as they relate to other facial structures
  • Evaluation of facial structures like the lips, nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and under eyes
  • Gingival aesthetics which includes the gum colour, shape of the gum tissue, exposure of gums while talking or smiling and overall gum health
  • Teeth aesthetics which is – shape / size / colour of teeth, fractured or malformed teeth structures, overlap of teeth, crowding, number of teeth exposed while smiling and their alignment

The aesthetic appearance of the mouth region, in addition to the eye, cheek and nose area, is the impressive element for facial aesthetics. From teeth whitening to Veneers and Hollywood Smile makeovers, all is a part of good looks now!!

It’s very rightly said – “Everything Has beauty, but not everyone sees it!’

I personally feel and always tell my patients that – LESS IS MORE BEAUTIFUL!! 

Minimal treatments for enhancing your looks is what is good. And more so – `Love the way you look ‘. If you are really not happy with certain facial features then seek an advice from an aesthetic specialist doctor and don’t be obsessed or get driven away with fancy adverts on social media that claim to make you look the most beautiful person!! Every face has disproportions and asymmetries, as does every smile and its associated dentition. Therefore, it requires a clinician’s educated eye if the correct diagnosis is to be reached.

The Bottom-line

Finally, it is important for patients to have realistic expectations. A desire to look like their favorite film star is often neither realistic nor achievable. The patient must fully understand the likely result that can be realistically achieved, the approximate length of treatment and also the likely complications. Only in this way will he/she be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not to proceed with treatment.

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