Eat Like a Local- Karismatic Karnataka

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Eat Like a Local- Karismatic Karnataka

Karnataka is home to many different regions thus is said to have a diverse culture. So whenever you are travelling to Karnataka, you must try upon these authentic and unique flavors of the state by eating local. Usually looking out for the most iconic dishes in a diverse state like Karnataka where every nook and corner offers an abundance of scrumptious dishes could be difficult for you to resist. Karnataka’s cuisine is one of the oldest cuisine of Indian culture. It comprises of variety of flavors and ingredients which are combined together to make scrumptious dishes, that are for sure a must try.

So here we bring you some of the most famous dishes of Karnataka cuisine that you should definitely try.

The Special Ingredients Used in Karnataka
Karnataka meal is called as Kannadiga Oota in its local language. Traditionally it is served on banana leaf. The spices that are used in this cuisine are mildest when compared to other south Indian states. They use palm jaggery for mild generous flavor in their dishes. Karnataka cooking style involves cooking in coconut oil with the use of coconut, curry leaves and local spices.

  • Ragi ball (Ragi mudde) – Ragi is a finger millet and mudde means moist ball. It is basically a moist ball of Ragi flour which is served with dry gravies like bassaru, massoppu or any kind of dals.
  • Benne Dosa (Butter dosa) – It is a traditional dosa, which is originated from Davanagere, Karnataka. This dosa’s unique batter is prepared with Rice, urad dal and puffed rice to provide it with its crispiness. It is topped with butter or benne before serving.
  • Bisi bele bhath- Bisi means hot, bele means lentils and bhath indicates a gooey dish. Thus bisi bele bhath is basically a blend of rice, lentils, assorted vegetables and spices, like asafetida, nutmeg and curry leaves. This is a no onion and no garlic dish which is very common amongst all the vegetarians in Karnataka.
  • Mysore Masala dosa- Mysore masala dosa is one of the most famous dish in Karnataka. It is almost similar to the normal dosa, just it is layered up with freshly made red chutney of garlic and red chilies just before the mashed potato masala.
  • Kosambari- It is a south Indian style salad from the state of Karnataka which comprises of lentils, coriander and green chilies. It is a side dish for every special occasion.
  • Chitranna- Chitranna rice is a very popular form of rice which is prepared with special spices of Karnataka. It is seasoned by mustard seeds, fried lentils, peanuts, curry leaves, lime juice and turmeric powder to attain that slight yellowish color.
  • Mysore pak- It is a very famous south Indian sweet, originated in Mysore, Karnataka. It is basically a fudge of chickpea flour, clarified butter and sugar. Make sure to try out this famous sweet but do remember to consume it in moderation.

Over to you:
If you are in Karnataka or plan a trip, make sure to not forget to eat like a local. Do try these delicious masterpieces there!

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