5 Reasons to grow your Own Food

By      06-Jun 2021       Reading Time: 4 Mins

5 Reasons to grow your Own Food

Growing your food at home comes with a plentiful of benefits. Sowing, harvesting and planting your own food not only saves you from the hassles of grocery shopping but also contributes to your health and economic problems. Not only this, this is one of the best environmentally friendly ways that reap plenty of rewards. If you are still not motivated to grow your own food at home, then here we bring you 5 reasons that will definitely inspire you.

  • More nutritious: there is nothing that tastes more heavenly and nutritious than picking off produce from your own garden. The produce we buy from the grocery stores underwent through chemicals, and therefore it is not as fresh and nutritious as it looks. Also, the long process of packing, shipping and transporting the produce affect the quality of the produce, deteriorating its shelf life, nutritional profile and taste.
  • Guarantee freshness: When you plant yourself, you know what techniques and what kind of material you are using and therefore it ensures the freshness of the produce. Also, produce grown at home is free of harmful chemicals or pesticides which increases the shelf life of the produce, makes it fresher and flavourful. Alternatively, store-bought fruits and veggies do not guarantee freshness. You pick your own produce, therefore you know it is fresh.
  • Quite affordable: Growing your own produce comes with a great benefit of affordability. You don’t have to pay the charges of transportation and the seeds required for growing your own produce are quite cheap. Try planting fruits, tomatoes in your garden for the long term to reap the maximum benefits.
  • Add in your physical activities: there is no denying the fact that gardening is a funny activity that assists you in bidding adieu to your stress and gives you fresh air and sunlight. Gardening can easily make you forget about your worries, reduce anxiety and depression while boosting your energy. Also, it gives you your daily dose of Vitamin D that will protect you from plenty of health ailments. Do add it to your lifestyle to get effective results.
  • Contribute to the environment: The transportation of produce is relying on fossil fuels. Growing your own food decreases transportation which harms the environment. Also, the usage of chemicals or pesticides in the produce that is grown outside also destruct the environment. By choosing to grow produce inside, you contribute to the environment.


So, now that you know these amazing benefits of growing your food, try planting at home and do let us know if you enjoy it or not. Make your own little garden and fill your soul with happiness with gardening.

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