Teej 2022: 5 Classic Recipes To Enjoy This Day

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Teej 2022: 5 Classic Recipes To Enjoy This Day

Teej is one of the Indian festivals that rings around the monsoon. This festival is celebrated by Hindu religious women mostly in the northern part of India. During this day women fast for their Husband’s good health and marital life. They offer prayer to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, observe fast and sing folk songs. Women dress up beautifully with traditional attire, jewellery and apply henna and meet together to perform rituals. Well, no Indian festival is incomplete without delicious and tempting food.

Here Are A Few Of The Delicacies You Can Enjoy:

  • Kheer – Kheer is the most classic dish prepared during the Indian festival and offered to God during puja. The major ingredient of kheer is milk, prepared with rice or sago balls or makhana. Garnishing it with nuts, cardamom and saffron makes it flavorsome. To boiling milk, add the ingredient of choice and boil until milk is reduced to half so that it is creamy and nice. To make it healthy one can use jaggery or stevia or any artificial sweetener.
  • Meetha Puda – Meetha Puda is one of the most traditional Indian dessert recipes; its scrumptious and crisp taste makes it tempting. To make meetha puda, in a bowl add wheat flour, powdered sugar, a pinch of salt, and fennel seeds. Then by adding water, whisk it properly. Pour a ladleful of batter, and spread it on a pan like a pancake. Or you can as well deep fry the Puda. Once it is cooked on both sides you can garnish it with nuts and dried fruit.
  • Mirchi Bhajiya – Rains are best enjoyed with bhajiya and the Teej festival falling in monsoon brings more reason to prepare this delicacy on an auspicious day. Fritters are made out of spicy green chili, tangy potato, and Besan covering. Deep-fried, piping hot, and served with green chutney is the perfect dish to be relished during this festival.
  • Rajma Chawal – During the festival, rice is one of the most important main course dishes and Rajma is one of the dishes relished by all. Rajma chawal is a delectable recipe to be included in almost all festivals. After fasting for the whole day, Rajma Chawal is the perfect dish for feasting with its authentic flavors.
  • Puri with Raseele Aloo – This combination of Puri and Raseele also is a satiating and quintessential dish to be prepared and enjoyed. Rasile also in tomato gravy makes it tangy and flavourful. This is also an unmissable dish during the Teej festival. To make it healthy puri can be air fried.

Over To You
After observing the fast for the whole day of the Teej festival, you can treat yourself to some goodies. Make sure you enjoy your Teej with these delicious recipes.

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