Janmashtami: Here’s why you should opt for white butter just like Lord Krishna

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Janmashtami: Here’s why you should opt for white butter just like Lord Krishna

Janmashtami is an auspicious Indian festival; celebrated by worshiping Lord Krishna. We have all grown up watching Television shows and hearing about Lord Krishna’s love for white butter. A notorious child loved by all, he would not only finish all the white butter prepared at home but also go around the neighborhood with friends to have white butter. Most of us have loved and grown-up having a dollop of Makhan or white butter on parathas in our childhood. White butter not only enhances the taste of the food but also comes with many health benefits.
Here are 5 benefits why you should opt for white butter instead of yellow butter –

  • Natural and Unprocessed – White Makhan is natural, unprocessed, and nutritious when compared to yellow butter. Yellow butter is high in trans-fat and high in sodium which may lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart-related conditions. White butter contains Vitamins A, D whereas yellow butter does not contain these vitamins.
  • Helps in weight loss – White butter is low in sodium which cuts down the water weight. Also, white butter is a rich source of lecithin which helps in the assimilation and metabolism of fats. Good fat helps in breaking down fat more efficiently and losing weight. White butter is a healthier source of concentrated calories and helps you stay full for long as they release energy slowly. Calories are required for energy expenditure during the day. People or children who require a lot of calories can include white butter in meals.
  • Great for nourished skin – White butter helps in making skin healthy and glowing. It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients like Selenium and vitamin E. Applying butter to the skin helps in the elasticity of the skin and gives healthy, young, and glowing skin. Include white butter in the correct portion and ensure it doesn’t overshoot.  
  • Helps in joint lubrication – White butter works wonder for those who suffer from joint pain.
    It contains a certain molecule structure that helps in joint lubrication. Those suffering from arthritis can also consider including white butter in their diet to get some relief from joint pain.
  •   Improves immunity – White butter contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties which help in fighting flu and infection and keep immunity strong. White butter is a saturated fat that helps in retaining nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin A and D. That is the reason why elders ensure added white butter to khichdi in our meals when we fall ill.

Over to you – It is well said that our elders have greater food wisdom and hence they have always encouraged us to include white butter in our daily diet. They always knew the benefits of this superfood.

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