Separating fact from fiction on coronavirus

By      20-Mar 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Separating fact from fiction on coronavirus

Coronavirus is being discussed and talked about almost everywhere. As the virus is unfurling rapidly, people are getting anxious and restless. Along with the virus, there are rumors spreading, creating distress and fear among the population. In today’s age, everyone has access to social media. Be it politics or sports or technology, nearly everything is addressed on social media. Most people turn to Instagram or Facebook for their daily dose of news. Social media cannot be trusted with any piece of news as people have a tendency of circulating rumors making the audience apprehensive. This eventually outcasts the actual details and attributes of the news that were meant for the people.


As coronavirus is fanning out, there are various rumors attached to it. Today we are here to inform you about the actual aspects of this virus so that you are well equipped and educated about coronavirus. This will help you in making a well-informed decision for you and your family and prevent coronavirus from growing. 


FICTION: Coronavirus cannot be transmitted in hot and humid climates

FACT: There is no proof that weather plays a role in the spreading of the virus. Safety measures such as washing hands and isolation need to be practiced regardless of where you live


FICTION: Mosquito bites can spread the virus

FACT: WHO has claimed that there has been no information that suggests that mosquito bites can transfer coronavirus.


FICTION: Thermal scanners can scan a person who is infected with coronavirus

FACT: Thermal scanners can only detect a person who has a fever. But people don’t always start showing symptoms of fever as soon as they are infected by the virus. 


FICTION: Garlic can protect or treat people tested who are tested positive for coronavirus

FACT: There is no scientific evidence asserts that garlic can cure coronavirus


FICTION: There are vaccines and antibiotics that can cure COVID 19

FACT: Scientists are still trying to treat coronavirus but as of now there is no cure available to treat the virus. 




Rumors and fake news about coronavirus are escalating which is clouding the judgment of people. You should only believe the information that is broadcasted on trusted news channels and guidelines that are passed on by the government. Verify the piece of information you are receiving and only then rely on it. Avoid passing on fake news and be safe. 

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