PHA Training: Make Space in your Routine for this new Anti-HIIT workout

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PHA Training: Make Space in your Routine for this new Anti-HIIT workout

HIIT (High-intensity active intervals) has become the soul of the fitness world in recent years. Doing HIIT can set your heart on fire while burning the tone of fats that goes a long way with you (even after you are done with your workout). With a beloved status of HIIT in the routine of health and fitness enthusiasts- PHA training will soon stand initial in the cues of workouts.

PHA Training- What is it?
PHA training (peripheral heart rate training) is the new workout on the block which is basically anti-HIIT in nature but delivers the same result as HIIT. So, those who hate to do burpees can now make space for this workout in their routine with big smiles. This workout is nothing like traditional heart-rate-based workouts, which takes your heartbeat at peaks. As per the health experts, “PHA is meant to keep your heart rate at a sustained level through the duration of your workout. This means that instead of taking a break between exercises, you’re working the entire time.” You have to alternatively workout on your upper and lower body which assists in giving you non-stop movements, keep your heart working throughout the entire time and increase your flow of blood, providing plenty of benefits.

How does it work?
The typical workout includes switching from one workout to another with rest in between. But with PHA, you work out on alternating parts of the body—say, for instance, a minute for the upper body and then a minute for the lower body without taking any rest. As per a health enthusiast, “in this workout you switch back and forth, so you’re constantly sending blood flow to different parts of your body without a break. The result, she says, is that it keeps your heart rate at a steady and elevated state throughout your workout.”

PHA gives various advantages to your heart and gives you a high-intensity burn that lasts longer while assisting you in building strong endurance, both muscular and cardiovascular. Right from increasing strength and stamina to strengthen the muscles, chest, back, shoulders, legs, and calves- the benefits of PHA are just beyond imagination!

A 20-minute PHA training routine to try at home

  • Start with a 2-minute warm-up: Warm up your muscles with moves like good mornings, inchworms, and gate openers.
  • Switch to the 14-minute circuit: Take a set of medium weights and do the 7-move cycle twice. Make sure to take no rest in between sets.
  • Switch to 1 minute alternating rear lunges: workout for Lower body
  • Switch to 1-minute bent-over rows: workout for upper body
  • 1-minute lateral lunges: Workout for lower body
  • 1-minute chest flies: Workout for upper body
  • 1-minute bridge press: Workout for lower body
  • 1-minute bicep curl with the overhead press: Workout for upper body
  • 1-minute Squat thrust: Workout for lower body
  • Then end the workout by doing 4-minutes of core exercises

Do add PHA training to your routine and perform it in the above-written way to get effective results. Make sure that you learn these workouts beforehand so that you don’t have to take any breaks in between. Do let us know your thoughts on PHA Training?

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