Interesting Key Health Trends of 2020

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Interesting Key Health Trends of 2020

Each year the health watchers wait to see the game of health and nutrition being taken a level up owing to such health trends. However, some of the trends can really backfire, so a scientific base and proper research should be looked out for first before adopting any sort of knowledge or practical implication of such trends.

There has been a recent surge of a variety of health trends that mark their place annually. Some of these come and go as fad trends, while some are innovative and result-oriented those are bound to stay. 

We are in the second half of 2020, and it is the right time to sum up the trends that made their way in this year, both for health and nutrition-

  • Nutrigenomics- Scientists all across the world have been trying to find out the genetic connection and predisposition of a lot of diseases. Certainly, nutrition could not have been left out for too long. Nutrigenomics is a science that studies the relationship between human genome, nutrition, and overall health.  This is the latest advancement in terms of the planning of a personalized and therapeutic nutrition program. This science studies the molecular understanding of various cells of the body and their reaction to the nutrients and other compounds found in various types of food. More researches are required in this field before concluding any role of nutrition in terms of gene expressions but it is definitely one of the fastest emerging dietary trends.
  •  Plant-based Nutrition or Whole Foods Plant Based Diet (WFPBD) – A trend that made its way a few years back and is only growing stronger- the plant-based nutrition or we can call it evidence-based nutrition. Although, the world was always divided between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food preferences, but when it comes to plant-based nutrition, there are certain specific trends that are emerging within this category of nutrition. This kind of diet emphasizes on the consumption of whole and minimally processed foods of plant origin. The added fats and sugars are completely avoided. Evidence suggests that WFPBD diet can lead to better heart health, reduced cholesterol levels, and balanced blood sugar levels. However, a complete plant-based diet should be followed under the supervision of a nutritionist to address any dietary deficiencies that may arise.
  • Tele-Health and Telemedicine – Another health trend that is going to benefit the masses instead of just classes is the emergence of Telemedicine or Virtual Nutritionist. Many a time, there is a scarcity of health care practitioners in remote areas especially tier 3 cities and rural sector. Moreover, certain diseases and nutritional deficiencies are widely prevalent in such areas. To bridge the gap, many organizations are working towards the concept of virtual doctor and virtual dieticians to provide preventive and primary level care. This trend is set to grow and benefit society in a positive way.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare- Artificial intelligence is the answer to the dilemma of “iron triangle” that has been prevalent since long in healthcare with the three most decisive factors- access, affordability, and effectiveness. Generally, the improvement of one of these factors diminishes the other factors. Artificial intelligence can very well unlock this iron triangle through machine algorithm. There is an emergence of machine learning and predictive analytics in the field of healthcare. This trend is certainly bound to stay.

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Healthcare has been regarded as one of the fastest-growing industries in the world especially after the paradigm shift towards preventive healthcare and not just curative or palliative healthcare and these trends are surely worth watching out for!

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