Honouring the Healers- National Doctor’s day

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Honouring the Healers- National Doctor’s day

Suffering from fever?? Visit a doctor!! Met an accident?? Rush to a doctor!! For every medical condition that you face you go to a doctor because you know only a doctor can solve your problem. Sometimes, doctors are given a position similar to God as they have the ability to save life of an individual. Doctors and health care specialists such as nutritionists owe a huge responsibility to cater to illness and nutrition related problems of people.

Doctor’s day is celebrated on different dates all across the world but in India it is celebrated on July 1st every year because it is the birth and death anniversary of most famous and legendary physician, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. This day is celebrated to emphasize the value that doctors hold in our lives and in order to pay respect to the selfless service they provide us with. Not just doctors the day is also celebrated to commemorate the whole medical industry and its advancements. Their hard-core efforts in bettering people’s lives through technology have been persistent in India and this day marks such accomplishments.

This day is celebrated for years by government and non-government health care organizations in order to get familiar with the contributions made by the doctors. Free medical check-up camps are organised at many health care centres by these health care organizations to provide quality medical services at affordable prices among common people. Apart from this, the annual celebration of this awareness campaign helps common public to be aware of the roles, importance and precious care given to them by the doctors. Doctors and health care specialists such as nutritionists have certain responsibilities towards their patients and clients. Similarly, the patients and beneficiaries should be fair and open in front of the doctors and dieticians and should keep following tips in mind:

  • Be Transparent – This is the most important thing to be kept in mind while you visit your doctor or nutritionist. Keep complete transparency and do not hide anything from your health care specialists regarding the health issues that you are facing so that they can guide you efficiently.
  • Do not delay your visit to doctor/nutritionist – Many of us keep delaying our appointments or visits to our doctor’s or dietician’s clinic only after facing major symptoms. Something that we must keep in mind is, this delay would only aggravate the problems and will not solve it. So, make sure that you visit your doctor or nutritionists regularly.
  • Do not rely on over- the -counter drugs – Almost every one of us at some point have gone to the nearby pharmacy store to ask for medicines in case of cold, diarrhoea and fever. This practice should be strictly discouraged as pharmacists are not the field specialists. You should always visit a doctor first and have only those drugs that are prescribed to you by your doctor.
  • Do not self-prescribe diet or medicines – Exploring the diets from the internet such as keto diet, low carb diet and atkins diet and then applying it to yourself is a common scenario nowadays. Following these diets may give you quick results but will also pile you up with health complications in longer run. So, visit a certified clinical nutritionist for proper diet plan according to your health issues. The same thing needs to be followed for medicines too.
  • Be stringent towards diet and medications- Those who have been prescribed with certain diets or are on medications for some or the other disease should know that it’s important to be particular about the drugs and diet that you are following. Lack of compliance would not provide you with any benefits rather it will only increase your problems. So, follow your diet stringently and have your medications on time to subside the health problems.
  • Over to you

    On this doctor’s day, be responsible enough, keep good care of yourself and visit your doctors or dieticians regularly for proper guidance regarding your illnesses and dietary issues. And, never forget to honour the healers of the society!


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