A Complete Guide on Pegan Diet with Tips For Beginners To Follow

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A Complete Guide on Pegan Diet with Tips For Beginners To Follow

Pegan diet put its focus on the mixture of two diets- Paleo and Vegan diet. This diet is created by Dr Mark Hyman and he says that this diet is extremely beneficial to get ideal health and also assist in lowering down the inflammation while balancing the blood sugar levels. 

Pegan diet designed on the ideologies of veganism and Paleo diet and this diet believe that consuming nutrient-dense foods from these two diets is quite beneficial for the health. The diet is restricted to various foods and put forth the focus on consuming more of fruits and vegetables while consuming less of meat, fish, nuts, seeds and legumes. Foods that are high in sugar, oil and other grains should only be consumed in very fewer proportions as per this diet. 

What you can consume?

A pegan diet is a long term diet and sustainably following this diet can provide various health benefits. A vegan diet focuses on decreasing the consumption of animal-based products such as poultry, dairy, seafood, and even honey. Both the paleo and vegan diet are quite contradictory and Pegan diet emphasizes on consuming the whole foods. This diet said that filling 75% of your plate with fruits and vegetables can do wonders to your health. Animal products should be consumed in lesser quantities just like a side dish. It also places its attention on consuming more of non-starchy vegetables and herbs. Healthy fats from nuts and seeds or olive oil can also be consumed in three to five servings. Adding protein-rich foods in the diet is extremely important and consuming low-starch lentils, grass-fed dairy, chicken, and eggs are the best choices as per the diet. Pegan diet emphasizes on consuming more of gluten-free grains such as quinoa and brown rice. 

Benefits or any disadvantages of the Pegan diet

This diet can provide various benefits to human health as it is filled with various essential vitamins and minerals, fibre and can easily lower down the risk of various health ailments. Here are some great advantages this diet includes. 

  • Filled with essential nutrients 
  • Helps in managing weight 
  • Manage blood sugar levels
  • Lower down the inflammation

Disadvantages of the diet include:

  • Very limited choices of carbohydrates
  • This diet also restricts various legumes which are great sources of various essential nutrients and protein. 

Tips on how to start 

Stick to the elementary beliefs of this diet and incorporate fruits, vegetables, low starch lentils, chicken, and eggs in your diet. Completely avoid consuming sugary and refined products. Here are some tips that you should abide by while following this diet. 

  • Emphasize on consuming the whole foods
  • Incorporate plenty of fruits and non-starchy veggies in your diet
  • Bound the consumption of meat 
  • Lower down the consumption of sugar and processed foods
  • Try not to consume artificially flavoured food items


Pegan diet is extremely beneficial and can provide various health benefits to the body if followed properly. You can also seek the help of a qualified nutritionist in order to get the accurate nutrients from this diet.

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