Posture Matters: Which Posture Type Are You?

By      12-May 2022       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Posture Matters: Which Posture Type Are You?

Does posture define you? Yes! Does posture give you a personality? Yes! Does posture make you a healthy individual? Of course, yes! Posture is the way you sit or stand, or hold your body. The static posture is how you hold your body when you are not moving whereas, dynamic posture is when the body is moving.

A bad posture can cause muscle or joint pain, neck, head, or back pain, and even injuries during exercise, work, or other activities. Good posture improves spine health by taking the load off your back.

Here Are The Different Types Of Postures:

  • Healthy Posture- a good posture keeps the body aligned. When you are standing, the ears are lined with the shoulders, shoulders lined with the hips, and hips aligned with the ankles- which is said to be a healthy posture. Keep your core engaged, feet flat, upright shoulders, and even weight on your hips. It keeps your spine’s health maintained and a good back.
  • Kyphosis Posture- this posture appears like you are slouching with a hunching back. The natural curves are about 20-50 degrees of curvature but people with this condition will have a curvature of more than 50 degrees. It can be caused in old age mostly in women, in the condition of osteoporosis, which weakens the bones. It can also be caused due to polio or chemotherapy radiation in younger individuals.
  • Flat Back Posture- in this posture, the lower back looks straight and you often stoop forward. The normal curve of your back loses its curvature and makes it painful for you to stand for a longer time. It can be present at birth or can result from any kind of back surgery, arthritis, disk generation, or vertebrae compression.
  • Swayback Posture- it is when the hips and pelvis tilt forward from the body’s midline. The lower back has an extended inward curve and the body appears to be leaning back when standing. It can be developed by longer hours of sitting, which tightens the back muscles, and eventually, abdominal muscles and glutes weaken.
  • Forward Head Posture- forward head is also called ‘tech neck’ as it can be caused if you lean too much over your mobile phone or laptop. The neck and head are in a forward position and the head is extending past your shoulders. The forward bent of the head causes hunching of shoulders and back.

Poor posture can degrade spin health, making you prone to many chronic conditions. To improve your posture you can use shoulder hold belts which correct the posture. Also, try yoga exercises that help open up the muscles and strengthen the back.

Make sure you practice a healthy posture, it will not only boost your personality but also save you from back aches and chronic illnesses.

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