Health is wealth – Your ultimate guide to healthy meal planning

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Health is wealth – Your ultimate guide to healthy meal planning

Health is wealth, something we’ve all heard at least once in our life and keep on hearing, the fact that we keep on hearing this is simply because it’s true. 2020 is over and we have a new beginning in front of us, 2021, so let’s start the year on a positive note and prioritize our health. Today we will provide you the ultimate health guide for healthy meal planning.

Why and how to improve our meal plan?
It is pretty obvious that if we are not healthy we cannot work at our full efficiency which would lead to a decrease in productivity and thus a deteriorated output. However, if we are healthy we face no such excuses and get a chance to give out 100%. Health is wealth and through health comes wealth. It is also not necessary to have a particularly high budget for your health, as a matter of fact, the less budget you have the better because when we give and spend a lot of money on our health, the chances to drift apart from our goal increases not to mention it may become hectic for you to manage all the budget, food items, and planning. So now we know that we don’t need a high budget to look after our health and it is important to take care of ourselves to have a better chance of giving 100%.

The ultimate guide.

  • Start your day with a glass of water because you’ve been sleeping for 8 hours and thus your body may have used up all the water, after getting ready for your day get some fresh citrus juice in your gut to clear it and ensure a healthy day for your gut, orange juice or lemon water(warm) are some good options.
  • Breakfast is for winners, have a protein and fiber-packed breakfast to get you through the day without munching any of the junk you may want. Having such breakfast ensures fullness and supply of nutrients to get you through the day. Oats are a great choice for breakfast.
  • Lunch should be normal, try to get enough carbs for the day no more no less, you don’t need to stuff your stomach unnecessarily. Having a heavy lunch will make you lazy and may make you feel a little tired, making you want a nap, thus interfering with your productivity.
  • If you don’t have a habit of having a snack, make one. Having some light snacks around the evening will help boost your morale and well deserve a little treat for the effort we put in. Light snacks may include, dry fruits paired with some milk (maybe coffee).
  • Now to end your day have your routine dinner but worth fewer carbs and very little to no fat, the goal is to go to bed not empty stomach but also not fully because it’s practically doing nothing.

Over to you.
Health is wealth indeed. To take care of your body and ensure good health, some healthy lifestyle changes are required. Follow the above-mentioned health guide to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients and a healthy lifestyle.

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