5 Exercise tips in case of Muscle Atrophy

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5 Exercise tips in case of Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy refers to the loss of muscles. Muscle loss may be due to various reasons including insufficient protein intake, sedentary lifestyle, weight loss, and aging. Muscle loss can be prevented through an active lifestyle, regular exercise, and a healthy diet.
Symptoms of Muscle Atrophy include –

  • Weakness and fatigue in feet, hands, knee and legs.
  • Difficulty carrying out daily activity
  • Difficulty maintaining good posture and holding
  • Pain, Cramps and twitches in arms, legs, shoulder

Muscle mass is essential for a healthier body, disease prevention, more independent aging, healthy body weight. Treatment of Muscle Atrophy includes regular exercise, dietary changes, physical therapy, ultrasound therapy, and surgery depending upon severity.

Here are 5 Exercise tips for preventing Muscle Atrophy –

  • Push-ups – Push is one of the best bodyweight workouts. They are great form of workout in building chest and shoulder muscles. They help in improving balance, posture and flexibility. There are various forms of push-ups that anyone can perform. One should ensure that they are performing the incorrect posture.
  • Squats – Squats are very essential workout type that helps in building lower body muscles, preventing muscle loss and target all lower body muscles. There are various forms of squats that can be performed by anyone and do not necessarily involve lifting weight.
  • Planks – Planks are an amazing core stabilizing workout. Planks strengthen and build the abdominal muscles. They also help in aligning and strengthening the back, core, and glutes. There are various forms of planks that help in balance and coordination of the body, and improved flexibility.
  • Lunges – Lunges are lower body workouts that help in building and strengthening quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Inactivity leads to muscle weakening and tightening. Lunges also work on stability and core which helps in body balancing and posture.
  • Shoulder press – Shoulder muscles are more prone to injury to due high mobility and lack of structural support, hence it is important to strengthen them. Ensuring the healthy functioning of shoulder muscles is important due to the movements of arms and day-to-day activities. The shoulder press works on activating shoulder muscles and strengthening them.

Over To You –
Regular exercises are necessary for healthier muscles and for preventing Muscle Atrophy. All these exercises mental strengthening along with muscle strengthening.

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