6 Health Concerns Men should look out for

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6 Health Concerns Men should look out for

With the increase in the number of women health concerns, men’s nutrition and health concerns have completely taken a step back these days. Due to the unhealthy routine, chaotic lifestyle, poor diet and increased stress levels- men are too at a high risk of health deterioration. Here we jot down a list of 6 common health concerns that men should definitely take care of for virtuous health and well-being.

  • Chest pain: Chest pains are associated with various health conditions and therefore keeping an eye on them is extremely important. Right from heart problems, lung conditions like pneumonia, a pulmonary embolism, to asthma- constant chest pain can be a sign of various health ailments. A bad lifestyle, increased stress levels and poor diet can lead to gastrointestinal problems like acid reflux or stomach ulcers which can further cause severe chest pain. Chest pains should not be ignored.
  • Fatigue: It is said that men experience extreme fatigue and tiredness with low energy levels on a regular basis. Constant fatigue can even lead to lack of motivation, negativity and improper sleep and it can also be a sign of severe physical or psychological health conditions. Cancer, congestive heart failure, diabetes, arthritis, infections, and kidney or liver disease are some health ailments that are associated with long term fatigue.
  • Depression: As per the stats “men are more prone to depression.” Men face plenty of stress on a regular basis due to family and societal expectations and this leads to bad sleep, restlessness and can further be converted into stress and depression. Moreover, men are not very vocal about their concerns and therefore if you are feeling a bad change in your behaviour, then do consult a health expert to know the internal problem.
  • Urinary crisis: Well, women indeed face UTIs and other urinary crises a lot but men also experience these issues which mostly go unnoticed. Blood while peeing or trouble while urinating among men is a severe problem. There could be various serious conditions associated with it right from the kidney to liver disorders. Blood in urine could also be associated with prostate cancer, kidney stone, and inflammation of the bladder.
  • Respiratory problems: Breathlessness or respiratory problems is one of the common conditions that men suffer. This could be due to long term smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, anaemia and many others. Respiratory disorders can be a sign of various health concerns lung diseases, such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, or pulmonary hypertension. It could also be a sign of bad cardiovascular health as well.
  • Memory loss: Due to the higher stress levels, men suffer from forgetfulness more than women. Memory loss can also happen due to the increasing age but if you are suffering it for a long time then it could be a symptom of health issues like Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumours, brain damage or inflammation and many others.


Taking steps of prevention in the early stage can easily cure your condition without a lot of hassles and distress. Do look out for the above-written health concerns and keep your lifestyle healthy and stress-free to keep yourself hale and hearty while decreasing the risk of various health complications.

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