5 Healthy Sugar-Free Teas to Keep You Warm

By      24-Nov 2020       Reading Time: 5 Mins

5 Healthy Sugar-Free Teas to Keep You Warm

The chilly mornings along with a cup of tea not only keeps you warm and cosy but also gives the right start to your day by soothing and rejuvenating the inner you. Sipping teas throughout the day can give you a variety of health benefits, depending upon the ingredients you choose. Healthy and natural ingredients in your tea can boost your immunity, keeps your heart healthy and flush out the toxins from your body. Similarly, on the other hand, creamy, milky and sugar teas can interfere with your health and body’s ability to absorb nutrients, and also create toxins in your body. To make yourself all hale and hearty, here is a list of 5 healthy sugar-free teas that you should definitely incorporate in your routine.

  • Fruit infused tea
  • This is a delightful concoction of chamomile, orange peels, berries, ginger, and mint leaves. Chamomile along with ginger and berries is excellent for your immune system. Being rich in antioxidants, it will help in fighting the action of free radicals in the body. Chamomile also calms the central nervous system and mint will give this tea a strong and refreshing flavour. Have this tea before sleeping, or amidst work to sleep better and also to feel rejuvenated. Brownie points for the exotic colour.

  • Detox turmeric tea
  • The benefits of turmeric are innumerable- it boosts immunity, provides relief from pain because if it’s anti-inflammatory properties. So, if you are looking out for something warm in the morning, haldi detox tea can be a great option. To make this tea, you will need- turmeric, black pepper, honey, and ginger. When you have turmeric in milk, teas, or while cooking, try to always add some black pepper in it so that the absorption is better. Remember, to add the honey when the tea comes at room temperature.

  • Ashwagandha tea.
  • Ashwagandha is an ancient herb used for many medicinal purposes. It can help in combating seasonal flu, enhance immunity, and benefit both your physical and mental health. Instead of having it in a powder form, you can kick-start your day with this tea. All that you need to do is, add one tablespoon of Ashwagandha powder, and ginger in a saucepan, and then let it simmer for 10-15 minutes. Strain, add lemon and enjoy.

  • Mint and ginger tea
  • Mint can help in indigestion, improve cold symptoms, treats asthma, aids weight loss, and improves cognitive health. Ginger on the other hand is anti-inflammatory, good for your heart health, and severe indigestion. To make this tea, add a glass of water in a saucepan, to this add 5-7 mint leaves and ginger. Let it boil until half. Strain it, add another 4-5 leaves of mint, some lemon and pink Himalayan salt in it. You are going to be hooked to this.

  • Vanilla Almond steamer
  • The aroma and the sweet flavours of this will leave you wanting it more. To make this, you will need some almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and jaggery. Begin by adding almond milk and jaggery in a saucepan on low flame, and store it continuously. To this add the cinnamon stick and vanilla extract. Let the flame be on low still and stir for another 5 minutes. Strain and enjoy either as a pick-me-up or as your wake up drink.

Over to you
With the temperatures dropping, the want to have warm liquids increases and rightly so, because the body needs it for better digestion, to boost immunity and to keep cold in check. Include these 5 amazing and incredibly healthy teas to give your body the much-needed warmth along with great health benefits.

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