Get Inspired from Bollywood and Take Notes on Healthy Eating Ideas Right Off Celeb’s Instagram Feed

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Get Inspired from Bollywood and Take Notes on Healthy Eating Ideas Right Off Celeb’s Instagram Feed

Do you feel lethargic or do you not feel motivated enough to eat healthily? Bollywood tribe is good to take inspiration from and pick up on healthy eating habits that we scoured especially for you from their Insta feeds.

Blame it on their glowing selfies, fit body, or glamourous lifestyle, we tend to look up to our fave actors to inspire us. However, if you look at the other side of the story, they do put in a lot of hard work and care into their lifestyle, often following harsh diets and engaging in intensive workouts amid erratic schedules. While we strongly believe in each their own, there’s no harm in espousing a thing or two of their lifestyle, especially if it can make ours better. Healthy eating habits, for instance, can be a big change if you’re ready to take the leap and decide to eat like a celeb. As always, we are here to help. 

Pick Orange Juice for Immunity Like Diana Penty

Naturally high in vital nutrients, such as vitamin C and potassium and enriched with calcium and vitamin D, orange juice doubles up as a powerful antioxidant and plays a central role in immune function. It may also help decrease markers of inflammation, which could help reduce your risk of chronic disease.

Get Alia Bhatt like Healthy Glow With A Beetroot Smoothie

Beetroot is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and is extensively used for its bountiful beauty properties. This bright, bittersweet veggie is not only low on calories, but is a powerhouse of protein, fiber, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, and phosphorus. Do you really need any more reason to include this in your diet and beauty routine?

Drink Mango Milkshake And Load Up On Essential Nutrients Like Karisma Kapoor

If there’s anything that’s a perfect blend of yummy and healthy, it has to be mango milkshake. While the fruit’s goodness makes it rich in magnesium, potassium, selenium, protein and multiple vitamins including C, A, B, E, and K, milk brings in the best of calcium. It also helps in keeping cholesterol in check vis-à-vis helps in fighting certain cancer and boosts immunity.

Up Your Vitamin C Dose With Raw Mango Slices Like Deepika Padukone

The king of fruits, as it is rightly called, has potent benefits in its raw form. It is excellent for beating the heat, for starters. Both the fruit as well as the juice are great for health, containing vast amounts of vitamins A and C, calcium and iron. It is also a vital source of magnesium, which helps detoxify the body by extracting waste from it. Raw mangoes are also great for digestion, and for the skin.

Make Snacking Healthy With Granola Bars Like Shilpa Shetty Kundra

This healthy and delicious breakfast item is super quick and easy to put together for your kids. It is perfect for mid-time snacking and rich in healthy nutrients that will give your body the much-needed energy boost without making you feel guilty of heavy snacking. And Shilpa Shetty Kundra makes it look all the more fun. Isn’t it?

Treat Your Tastebuds Like Kriti Sanon With Quinoa Oats Banana Cake

Three superfoods come together to form this dish, which Kriti Sanon happily gorged recently and flaunted off on her social media post. This gluten-free home-baked delight is quick to make and super good for digestive health, skin and hair as well as a delight to the taste buds.

Go Gluten-Free Like Yami Gautam And Reap Benefits Of Avocado

Incredibly nutritious, this dish is a treat for all senses from the word go. Rich in potassium and fiber, it is healthy for the heart, keeps cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check, and aids in weight loss.

Give Your Immunity A Boost With Blueberries Like Athiya Shetty

Low in calories and loaded with nutrients, blueberry is the queen of the berry family. Not only does it help in cancer prevention and lowering the risk of heart disease but also in delaying the aging process, improving vision and memory. Its antioxidant elements help them in boosting immunity and keeping us in pink of our health!

Learn Healthy Flirting With Desserts Like Tamannaah Bhatia

Tamannaah Bhatia’s dairy-, gluten-, and sugar-free muffins make for a perfect cheat day recipe, as well as a delicious snack for those who are vegan.

Over to you

No wonder if Bollywood divas can eat healthily, then so can you and trust us, it’s not only the immunity benefits that we get but also it adds to the variety and keeps you in shape.

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