5 Summer Smoothie Recipes to Beat the Heat

By      03-May 2021       Reading Time: 5 Mins

5 Summer Smoothie Recipes to Beat the Heat

With the beginning of summers, we tend towards all things cool and comfy. Be it the fabric we wear or the drinks we consume- we always keep cool and calm belongings by our side to beat the scorching heat. Keeping yourself hydrated during summertime is one thing that’s always being pressurized. In addition to water, chilled and refreshing smoothies are the best way to keep yourself nourished, hydrated and energetic during summertime. Home-made smoothies are enriched with the goodness of heart-healthy natural and fresh ingredients and therefore they bring an instant touch of energy along with the scrumptious taste that will assist you in beating the blazing heat of summer.

  • The watermelon frosty: Watermelon is high in water content and is a perfectly delicious, juicy and refreshing fruit for summer. Watermelon is rich in Vitamin A, C and other essential heart-healthy nutrients that will provide you with various health benefits. For this perfect summer drink, all you have to do is blend some watermelon slices with coconut water or plain water and squeeze some drops of fresh lemon over it and it’s done.
  • The berry mania: the tiny, plump and juicy berries offer various essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, B vitamins, Vitamin A and antioxidants that will easily boost up your energy levels while giving you plenty of health benefits. For this smoothie, take some berries of your choice (you can take strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries) and blend them with yoghurt. Pour and enjoy!
  • The melon and kiwi punch: Both melons and kiwis are known to provide heart-boosting nutrients. Both of these ingredients are quite filling and are low in calories that keep you all hale and hearty. Both of them when blended together in a drink will make a perfectly nutritious and refreshing drink and aid in boosting energy levels. Add in some mint while blending kiwis and slices of melons for a more stimulating punch.
  • The green smoothie with nuts: Sip on this green nutty smoothie and enjoy the nutritional goodness. It’s a great way of adding veggies to the diet and getting that instant energy in the morning itself. This smoothie is very beneficial for overall health as it is rich in natural ingredients like baby spinach, yoghurt, banana, dates, nuts and almond milk. All you have to do is take all the ingredients and blend them together until you get a smooth consistency. Slurp and enjoy!
  • Fresh mango smoothie: Summers are just incomplete without the touch of mangoes. Isn’t it? Mangoes are free from fats, cholesterol and sodium and provide numerous nutrients like Vitamin C, A, B6 and many others that help in cleansing skin, boost immunity and support heart health. All you have to do is take mangoes and blend them with yoghurt. Do not add any processed sugar and relish the goodness.


Try these easy to make, natural and delicious smoothies and do let us know which one is your favourite. Keep yourself hydrated during summer to avoid summer-related health ailments.

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