Coronavirus Pandemic: Emergency Offices in 4 Cities has Set-up to Accelerate the Supply of Protective Gears

By      28-Mar 2020       Reading Time: 3 Mins

Coronavirus Pandemic: Emergency Offices in 4 Cities has Set-up to Accelerate the Supply of Protective Gears

There are various “emergency control offices” set up in 4 cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Bengaluru so that the supply cycle of personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and body covers don’t stop. These offices will keep an eye on the procedure of acquiring raw material, manufacturing, testing and transportation among all the medical institutions.

As per the official, a lot of manufacturing units set up in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad and the emergency control offices are taking care of everything right from coordination to supply.

The healthcare professionals have come up with the high demand for such products to operate and prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. These products are placed as ‘level 4’ in global health as these are essential for diseases which involve great risk of contamination.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health takes care of the procurement related to these critical medical materials, but their suppliers have stopped working due to the shortage of manpower and the government had 19,000 PPEs in hand before the manufacturing stopped. India, which earlier use around 100,000 pieces of PPE annually now require around 5-6 million pieces due to the pandemic coronavirus. It’s important that the manufacturing of these necessary medical supplies won’t stop in order to treat the novel coronavirus. 

Earlier the imports were made from China, Germany, US and Switzerland but now the hit of COVID-19 across the world has made a downfall in almost every sector and a huge shortage of manpower has been noticed which leads to inbound manufacturing of the necessary medical supplies.

As per the sources, the internal production is taking a lot of time as most manufacturers were not being able to maintain the quality and mostly failed the testing standards at the laboratory of South India Textiles Research Association.

“As of now, both textiles and health ministry are working together so that the quality won’t suffer and all the health professionals will stay safe and treat the patients effectively.” However, there are shortages of various manufacturing devices such as ultrasonic welding machines, respirator filters and many others as these are not prepared in the country.


As the government is busy in taking effective measures to deal with the novel coronavirus, we all should take initiative to follow what they are doing. Don’t panic and stay indoors to stay safe.

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