Eat Like A Local- Ardent Savouries of Assam

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Eat Like A Local- Ardent Savouries of Assam

To all the food and travel lovers out there, let us tell you that Assam offers a wide and delicious array of culinary jewels. Assamese food is a perfect combination of different ingredients that can satisfy your buds like nothing else. With its traditional cooking techniques, aroma and zest, Assamese cuisine can easily make you go wow.

The Special Ingredients Used in Assamese Cuisine
The Assamese cuisine is the perfect blend of varied ingredients which helps in bringing out the unique aroma and zest in the food. Ingredients like mangosteen, lemon, tomatoes, roselle leaves, Outenga, Manimuni, and Tengesi are majorly used in Assamese cuisine to give a soar yet unique taste to the dishes. One of the most quintessential ingredients which are used in this cuisine is kokum. Bamboo shoot is also used in a variety of fish dishes.

Here is a list of some local delicacies that you should definitely try if you are in Assam.
Must-Try Dishes

  • Khar: Khar is the non-vegetarian dish that tops the menu of Assamese cuisine. With the blend of papaya, pulses and taro, this dish is extremely delicious and tasty and goes through the process of filtering for a unique and distinctive flavour. This recipe is usually served with rice during lunch.
  • Aloo Pitika: This dish is popularly known by the name of mashed potatoes and is a versatile staple for lunch and dinner. The mashed potatoes are properly cooked in mustard oil, onion, salt, and coriander and are extremely easy to make.
  • Masor Tenga: Curries are a major part of Assamese cuisine and this tangy curry is one of the most preferred dishes in Assam. It contains ingredients like outenga, tomatoes, and lemon and cooked slowly to bring the best taste, aroma and flavour.
  • Pitha: Pitha is a well-known sweet dish which is consumed by Assam people during breakfast or with evening tea. Its ingredients can vary and therefore it can be sweet and savoury as per its ingredients.

Over to you
If you are in Assam or plan a trip, make sure to not forget to eat like a local. Do try these delicious masterpieces there!

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