5 Health Benefits of the Wonder Herb Mulethi

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5 Health Benefits of the Wonder Herb Mulethi

Mulethi, Licorice or Yashtimadhu, as it is called in Ayurveda- is a substantial herb used in home remedies, folk medicines and Ayurveda. The health benefits of mulethi include, providing a relief in acidity, chronic gastritis, indigestion, tooth decay, inflammation of the gallbladder, asthma, cough, eczema, high cholesterol levels, menopause, and depression. But amongst these multitude benefits, it’s effect on digestive and respiratory system, is the most stressed. 

Read more to find out what are the purported benefits of this wonder herb:

  • Boosts immunity:



In recent times when working on the immune system carries all the weight, adding mulethi can be of help. The enzymes present in the root plant produce lymphocytes and macrophages that guard the body against pollutants, allergens and microbes that cause autoimmune disease. It also enhances the function of the liver, and kidney which helps in decreasing the stress levels.

  • Boosts digestion: 



If you are looking to get some relief from constipation, heartburn, stomach discomfort, and acid reflux problems- include mulethi, for it has active compounds glycyrrhizin and carbenoxolone, that can help ease them out. It also acts as a mild laxative which stimulates bowel movements. 

  • For respiratory troubles: 



It is considered as a one-shot remedy for respiratory troubles. It has potent anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, and anti-asthmatic properties. Mulethi also thins and slackens phlegm deposits within the chest and nasal cavities, easing out breathing and helping the body to get rid of mucus. Daily intake of this herb improves the lung function.

  • For diabetes: 



Mulethi root powder contains glabridin, a potent phytoestrogenic compound, which not only imparts a sweet taste to the root but also plays a substantial role in soothing the blood sugar levels of the body. Adequate dosage of the powder can also aid in reducing the breakdown of starch into glucose and hence, manage diabetes.

  • For hormone regulation: 



Mulethi is well-recognised for its impact on the adrenal glands. The phytoestrogenic bio-active substances present in mulethi is very beneficial in maintaining a hormonal balance, battling menstrual cramps, and providing relief from mood swings, depression and sweating, during the menstrual cycle. It is also prescribed for new moms to increase the milk production. 

Pro Tip: Include mulethi in the form of tea for an additional benefit of weight loss. As it is loaded with fiber and essential nutrients, it reduces hunger pangs and improves metabolism; important for weight loss. 

Over to you.

The dosage of mulethi powder varies from person to person, depending upon the severity of disease. Hence, it is best to consult a healthcare professional. However, minimum therapeutic dosage can be somewhere from 1-3 grams with lukewarm water. Mulethi is an umpteen herb, holding significance in treating ulcers, liver damages, skin problems, and hair woes. If taken regularly, in limited quantities or as prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor, you can steer clear of the side effects and take advantage of the countless health incentives. 

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