Ever Heard of Kegel Exercises? Here’s Why You Should Practice It

By      22-May 2020       Reading Time: 5 Mins

Ever Heard of Kegel Exercises? Here’s Why You Should Practice It

Kegel exercises, also known by the name of pelvic floor exercises include the list of various clasp and discharge exercises that helps in solidifying the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvis is referred to as “the area between your hips that clench your reproductive organs.” A weak pelvic floor can cause various issues like the incapability to regulate intestines, bowels or bladder.

Kegel exercises have various advantages on the pelvic floor muscles and tissues and it helps in the smooth functioning of the bladder, small intestines, rectum and uterus by making them strong and fit. Regular practising of Kegel exercises can keep the muscles in fine fettle and avoid any mishaps of pee leaking or farting.

Various factors like ageing, weight gain, pregnancy and other lifestyle habits can easily wreak havoc the muscles of the pelvic floor which in turn leads to various problems and troubles and can bring various uncomfortable conditions for both men and women. 

Here are some great advantages of kegel exercises that will definitely provoke you to try it.

Benefits of kegel exercises

  • Help in treating the bladder leakage: Weak and bad muscles can lead to stress urinary incontinence which is known as a condition of leaking of the bladder that can happen due to vigorous exercises or due to the lifting of heavy objects. Kegel exercises solidify pelvic floor muscles and make the muscles of bladder, uterus, and rectum strong and coordinated. 


  • Help in strengthen back and provide hip support: The kegel exercises provide a backbone to pelvic floor muscles which work effectively with the deep layers of the abdominal and help in making the spine strong and sturdy. Weak pelvic floor muscles cannot provide proper co-ordination inside the body and can affect the joints, tailbone, and lower spine. 38% of the women suffer urinary leakage and back pain due to the weak pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are great to provide optimal strength to the back and hip and ensure the proper functioning of the pelvis.


  • Help the overall pelvic health throughout menopause: The low levels of estrogen during the period of menopause cause the less flow of blood in the pelvic floor muscles which results in the various back and joint pain while declining the muscle tone. Kegel exercises are quite supportive during menopause and it helps the tissues to squeeze out the old blood while dragging in the great quantities of fresh blood which aid in the proper functioning of the muscles and tissues.  


  • Help in enhancing the overall health and fitness: The sedentary lifestyle and various bad habits like long sitting hours, bad sitting postures, no or less movement of the body can easily destroy the overall health in numerous ways. Carrying the weight and stretching during pregnancy can affect your core and can also lead to back pain. Kegel exercises can strengthen your back and enhance your posture while reducing the risk of various injuries of the hip, lower back and pelvis. Not only this, but it also minimizes the risk of pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, and painful intercourse.


Kegel exercises have various benefits on the body and various muscles and incorporating them into your lifestyle can definitely help in the smooth functioning of the overall body.

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