Knock Off Summers- Essential Summer Foods to Keep You Cool:

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Knock Off Summers- Essential Summer Foods to Keep You Cool:

Summer is the hot season; it is not only hot from outside but inside too. We try to keep our body cool from outside with the pool, fans, and air conditioners. But what do we feed it inside? Colas and ice creams? With no proper management and care, the body can feel dehydrated and often fall to many ailments.

Why to dehydrate your body with colas, when you can have the summer special foods which nature itself has designed.

Here Are Some Essential Summer Foods to Keep You Cool:

  • Watermelon- This juicy fruit will surely keep your cravings and heat strokes at bay. It contains about 91% water and meets your body’s water requirements. It is such a fresh and sweet fruit to have as a snack or mid meal. So do your body a favour and eat watermelon every day.
  • Cucumber- We often see cucumber slices being kept on the eyes during a beauty treatment. It is not only cool for your eyes but body too. It is high in water content, loaded with fibre, helps in digestion and makes your skin feel hydrated. It is a diuretic and will flush out the toxins from your body. We can have cucumbers in salads or make raita.
  • Curd- It is a probiotic that produces good microbes and keeps the gut happy and healthy. It also acts as a coolant for the body. You can have a bowl of curd, or a glass of buttermilk with your lunch, add fruits and make it into a smoothie bowl or make raita.
  • Bananas & Berries- Banana is a fruit that causes the tissues to shrink, and allows more absorption of water. Berries are said to be alkaline according to Chinese Medicine, and they cool you down by generating cold energy in the body. They are also high in water content and help in releasing the heat by thinning the blood. They both make for a great healthy snack during summers.
  • Mint & Lemon- You definitely would have heard of the minty cool flavours of drinks or chewing gums. Yes, mint is actually cool! Mint is an herb that gives you a refreshing effect and keeps your body temperature maintained. Lemon has vitamin C which detoxifies your system and keeps it cool. It makes for a refreshing glass of lime water. Add some mint leaves in the lemonade and your body will thank you.
  • Coconut Water- This is an inexpensive drink to help you refresh and restore all the electrolytes. It is advised by doctors to have it in case of diseases or ailments, you can have it to keep your body cool and disease-free. It has copper, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and what not to keep you cool in that summer heat.

Summer is not complete without these cool summer essential foods, right? So, include these foods in your diet and ensure your body will be cool with you.


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