Neck and Shoulder Stiffness While Working from Home? Here’s How you Can Treat it!

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Neck and Shoulder Stiffness While Working from Home? Here’s How you Can Treat it!

With busy schedules and chaotic work-life we often spend maximum hours on laptop, mobile screens or computer and this can lead to neck pains. Not maintaining a proper posture while working can also lead to various other pains in the body as well. Sitting on a couch for long hours, poor posture while working can also result in neck pains and can hamper your everyday work and functions. Neck exercises can help you to reduce the neck pain and it can easily be done at home or at the office without calling for any special equipment. Just a few minutes of these exercises and you are good to work effectively in front of your laptop or screen.

Give a quick read and know about the simple exercises to reduce neck pain.

  • Side to side cycle: Side to side rotation is a simple and laid-back exercise that is extremely beneficial for the neck pain and you can easily do it at any time. This exercise helps in decreasing stiffness and tension on the edges of the neck and makes it more flexible and elastic. All you have to do is sit down in a relaxed position and slowly incline your head to the right towards the shoulder and then to the left in a similar pattern, creating a semicircle. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times a day for effective results.
  • The rolling shoulder: Neck and shoulder pain are both linked with each other. Shoulder roll helps in relieving the muscle tensions, pain and tightness in the neck and shoulder area and ease out the discomfort and stiffness in the neck. To perform this exercise, stand straight and lower down your arms. Now, roll your left shoulder in rounds for 10-15 times (both clockwise and anti-clockwise) and similarly move the right shoulder as well. You can also roll both the shoulders together. Do at least 10-15 times (each shoulder) a day for great results.
  • Front and back tilt: Forward and backward stretch is one of the simplest exercises that you can even perform at your office. It helps in decreasing the stiffness and soreness in the neck and makes your neck stronger and sturdier. All you have to do is slowly bend your head forward to touch your chin to chest and then gently tilt your chin up and try to look up to the ceiling. Hold on for some seconds and repeat. Do it regularly for 10-15 times to bid adieu to neck pain.
  • Up and down stretch: Up and down stretch can only require just a few minutes and regular incorporation of this exercise in your routine can easily soothe a tense neck while making it flexible. All you have to do is sit or stand in a comfortable position and gently move your right ear towards the right shoulder, touching them both together. Don’t lift your shoulder at all. And repeat the same process with the left ear as well. Try this regularly for 5-7 times for great results.


It is said that a strong neck keeps the shoulder, back and arms problems at bay. Do incorporate these exercises in your routine and say goodbye to your neck pain. If you feel any pain while performing these exercises, don’t push yourself and talk to a doctor.

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