Here’s How you Can Manage Sweet Cravings

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Here’s How you Can Manage Sweet Cravings

Munching on sweets and craving more even more afterwards is a very common experience that everyone goes through. Eating a lot of carbohydrates does easily satisfy hunger and gives us an energy boost, but as quickly famish us again leaving much desire and cravings for more sweets.

The reason why we go for sweet things is that carbohydrates stimulate the release of the hormone serotonin which gives us the feeling of happiness. Sugars also release endorphins that calm and relax an individual. Although consumption of sweets is not bad, the cravings for more makes it problematic as there is the overconsumption of sugars. This leads to the development of conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, hypertension and mood swings. This issue makes it necessary to learn how to manage these sweet cravings, so let us look at some beneficial tips –

  1. To find a healthy replacement habit – Sugar and sweet cravings develop over some time with guided conditioning of it. Rewarding ourselves for small achievements or to have a quality moment after a tough situation, such cases where we feel good as we eat sugar elicits our body to crave sugar very frequently. Replacement habits were binging on sweets is replaced by activities such as watching television, engaging in a conversation with your friend, enjoying your hobby or even leisure activities. Such responses will help manage the desire for sweets and occasionally you can enjoy them being certain of your body’s wellbeing.
  2. Managing anxiety, stress and sleep – The hormones in our body regulate our mood which directly affects whether we want something to elevate it or not, in most cases sweet cravings is the option present in front of us. When we are stressed, our hunger peaks which becomes the driving force behind sugar cravings. This makes it important to de-stress ourselves and to manage our sleep routine. It is necessary to get at least seven hours of sleep, with precautions such as no exercise before bed, not taking long afternoon naps and avoiding using phones before bed. For managing anxiety and stress, practises such as meditation, listening to music, eating a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol and smoking, regular exercise should be followed.
  3. Proper diet – Eating junk food for meals, habitual snacking, and a lack of proper diet are situations that develop sweet cravings. Solutions for such problems are many, to list a few, the first is to combine foods. Fruits such as bananas, mangoes, berries can become either a part of your meal or a snack for you to enjoy. Chocolate, honey and other syrups can be used in combination with fruits for a healthier meal. The second is to use chewing gums and mint candies. If you suddenly crave sweets, then sugar-free gums and mint candies are a perfect replacement. The third is to fix yourself a balanced diet where all your needs are answered, this is a solution very beneficial for the long run.

Although the change may get difficult, it is necessary to go with comfort and ease. Getting support and satisfying yourself a few times will do more good than harm.

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