Yearly Round Up of Health Myths & Facts 2020

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Yearly Round Up of Health Myths & Facts 2020

There’s so much advice buoyant around on what to eat and what not to eat, and it can be difficult to shift out the truth. Here we have enlisted five healthy myths and facts to round up your year 2020. These facts might drive you crazy once you find out about why and which food is healthy for you.

  • Myth: Eating at Night Causes Weight Gain
  • Fact: This can be a complex one to answer as it depends upon personal eating habits. One cannot gain weight if they do not exceed their caloric intake daily.
    However, nighttime munching can be a little more complicated than you think.

    Many people undergo the bedtime cravings, this is often possible due to boredom or you are up all night binge-watching your favourite shows and there are chances that you might Indulge in mindless snacking. Unconsciously ingestion of calories can make it more difficult. Also, if you give in to the mindless snacking, you may still feel full the next morning and avoid breakfast, which can throw off your daily eating habits and may cause weight gain later.

    As long as you are conscious and aware about your food intake there’s no harm to eating at night. If you go hungry, instead of craving for junk foods go for fruits and vegetables or any healthier alternative.

  • Myth: Kale is the Healthiest Green
  • Fact: Yes, kale is the healthiest green. It contains an abundance of nutrients that includes vitamins B6, C, K, & A, manganese folate and calcium. Its nutrient-rich leaves contain vitamins which are known for lowering the risk of cancer and cholesterol, so the calories are well-spent.

    Ensure that you continue drinking your kale smoothies because it won’t be leaving the superfood excellence list anytime soon.

  • Myth: To lose weight, you have to give up all your favourite foods.
  • Fact: When it comes to your favourite food items, you don’t need to upon them while you are trying to lose with. Why? Well, the answer is really simple, an adequate amount of your favourite high-calorie foods may be part of your weight-loss plan. Just remember to keep a track of the total calories intake. To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you take in through beverages and food.

  • Myth: Dairy products are fattening and unhealthy.
  • Fact: Dairy products are one of the most vital food groups because they contain rich protein which is an essential need to help organs work well and build muscles and not to forget mentioning they contain calcium which strengthens the bones. Milk and yoghurts have added vitamin D that helps your body use calcium. Dairy products made from low-fat or fat-free milk have fewer calories as compared to dairy products made from whole milk.

  • Myth: Carbs are bad for you.
  • Fact: For achieving a healthy diet, carbohydrates are very essential as they provide energy to the entire body. Many people tend to eat more sources of carbohydrates that are not good for them like refined sugar and grains. Carbohydrates are best received from healthy and minimal processed foods, like nuts and seeds, fruits, vegetables, dairy, beans, and whole grains.

    Over to you
    These were some yearly round-up of health myths & facts 2020. A decade is about to end but not the suffering. Let’s take a pledge to keep our people healthy and strong for the coming year to fight against the odds.

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