Jot Down Your Thoughts- 5 Benefits of Regular Journaling

By      12-Mar 2021       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Jot Down Your Thoughts- 5 Benefits of Regular Journaling

When comes to your mind as soon as you hear the word journaling? We are pretty sure that it is the image of archaic school days that hits you! Isn’t it? Journaling is not limited to that now and is treated as a form of self-expression that can boost and lift the mental thoughts, intentions and complex feelings. Journaling your thoughts are helpful for many purposes and give mental clarity to your thoughts and feelings. Due to the introduction of technology, we often forget about journaling our thoughts and mostly involve ourselves in texting, chatting or writing down memos on the phones but let us tell you that penning down your thoughts on a diary with a pen has its own plenty of significant benefits.

Here are 5 benefits of regular journaling that will definitely entice you towards this habit.

  • Give you a positive and happy mood: Various researches suggest that regular activity of journaling can easily fill you up with a positive sense while boosting your mood. Not abiding by this, journaling can also help in eliminating the negative emotions from the mind. Writing works as a perfect passage to release your emotions and let you be aware of your own thoughts clearly so that you can work on them by creating a positive perspective.
  • Decreased stress levels: When you organise your thoughts, you will be able to work on what is bothering you and therefore your stress levels ultimately reduced. Writing is an effective form of getting a clear perspective about what’s going on in your mind and that is how it helps in analysing the stressors in our lives while making us deal with them.
  • Helps in organizing your thoughts: A regular journaling therapy for about 30-45 minutes can easily help you in sorting out your thoughts just like talking therapy. Writing therapy will arrange the clutter of thoughts going around in your mind while providing you with a clearer perspective. It further helps you in making you more active by cleaning your own negative thoughts while assisting in building more unblemished connections.
  • Help you in going through tough memories: If you are suffering from some traumatic or hard to forget memories that bring on pain- then the permanent solution to this is ‘jotting down’. Journaling can declutter your memories while working on your hemispheres of the brain. Journaling can help in releasing emotions and make your mental health better.
  • Alter the responding way: From decreasing the stress levels to improving your self-awareness- journaling regularly can easily make you more organised and active and therefore it alters your way of reacting in a situation while drawing you towards positive and contented senses.

Incorporate this interesting and easy activity in your life to boost your mental health and to organise your thoughts more clearly. It not only helps in de-stressing you but also give you optimistic vibes and senses.

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