How To Keep Your Kids Busy & Productive While Schools are Closed

By      20-May 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

How To Keep Your Kids Busy & Productive While Schools are Closed

Keeping the kids entertained and productive while schools are closed is one of the most difficult tasks for most parents these days. Kids are free-spirited and to keep them engaged and motivated during this time is one of the biggest questions of the parents. Here are some productive quarantine activities that will definitely keep your kid engaged while enhancing their peace of mind, thoughts and cognitive health. These activities are really funny and provide them with great opportunities to learn new and different things while keeping them engaged and busy.

  • Yoga: One of the easiest ways to keep your kids busy and productive is to teach them yoga. Yoga is beneficial for the overall health and well-being and it also fills your kid with optimism and good thoughts that is quite important in such hard and challenging times. You can also practice yoga with your kid for about 30-45 minutes regularly and it will definitely help you both to bond. Incorporating yoga in their lifestyle is a great way to make them learn about the value of good health and well-being.


  • Cooking class: Giving cooking classes to your kid is the best way to keep them busy while teaching them the importance of home-made food and prosperous health and well-being. Cooking is one of the great activities that will never bore your kid and broaden their research and experimentation skills. There are plenty of recipes available on the internet you can take reference from and you can also modify these recipes with your kid so that your kid can learn the best.


  • Art and craft is the way to go: Art and craft are one of the great activities that every kid loves! Not only it kills the boredom but it also adds up to their creativity and you will definitely get some new decorating stuff for your home. Simple and easy craft projects enhance your kid’s creative, imaginative and artistic talents while polishing their minds.


  • Home games: Playing games at home not only kill the boredom but it also helps in enhancing the memory, attention and concentration of your kid. While your little ones are trapped at home, you can make them engage in games like a treasure hunt, badminton, snake and ladder, chess and card games to keep them busy and stimulating.


  • New and different languages: Knowing different languages can be of great help to your kid. It will broaden the scopes and horizons for your kids. There are plenty of online pieces of stuff available that can help your kid in learning new and different languages. Also, you can look out for some online apps that have games related to new languages. Funny and amusing games can easily make them learn new languages.



Save your kid from boredom while making them productive at the same time with these simple tips. Make a strong bond with your kid by incorporating these activities in their lifestyle. 

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