Geriatric Wellness — Nutrition for Healthy & Happy Years to Go

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Geriatric Wellness — Nutrition for Healthy & Happy Years to Go

Irrespective of the age, healthy eating and proper nutrition is a pre-requisite to live a happy and contented life but, when you age, it becomes even more important. Getting older requires certain changes in both lifestyle and diet. Consuming proper nutrients as you get older not only keep you fit and fine but also decrease the risk of various health ailments, giving you happy and healthy ageing. Not only this, but a proper and well-balanced diet also gives you proper energy and a positive outlook while making you all hale and hearty.

No matter at what age you are, it’s never too late to indulge in the goodness of nutritious foods to ensure a healthy mind and body as you age. Here is how you can get the correct nutrition for healthy and happy years to go.

  • Incorporate Calcium and Vitamin D rich foods: As you age, your bone starts getting weak and it becomes extremely important to consume foods that are rich in calcium and Vitamin D. Both calcium and Vitamin D work as a great pair to strengthen your bone health. Calcium is the key nutrient that helps in making stronger bones while Vitamin D helps in absorbing the calcium in the body. So, do consume both of these nutrients together to get the maximum health benefits. You can include green leafy vegetables, fatty fishes, eggs, nuts, soya beans and fat-free dairy products to get the best of these nutrients.


  • Pick “good fat” instead of “no fat”: Many people believe that eliminating fats from the diet can make them happy and healthy. But fat is an important micronutrient that helps in the smooth functioning of the body. It energises your body, protects the organs from damage, greases your joints and helps your body absorb various essential nutrients.  So, instead of cutting complete fats from your diet, try to incorporate food staples that are rich in healthy fats. You can include nuts and seeds, fatty fishes, avocados and replace your oil with a healthier version like almond oil, olive oil and sunflower oil to get the good fats.  


  • Add plenty of fruits and veggies in the diet: Fruits and veggies are rich in various essential nutrients and dietary fibre which helps in the smooth functioning of the body and lowers the risk of various diseases like diabetes, heart stroke and maintain cholesterol levels. Dietary fibre also improves digestion and helps in treating constipation. You can add carrots, broccoli, apples and different types of berries or any other fruits and greens you like in your diet to get the essential nutrients.


  • Smartly choose your carbs: As you age, be smart about choosing your carbs. The type of carbs you consume can easily make or break your health. Good carbs enrich you with energy, keeps you feel fuller and satiated while supporting your heart health. Add whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds in your diet and think twice before consuming simple carbs which are found in foods made of white flour, sugar, chocolates, candies and cakes.


It is said that small steps can make a big difference. Just some healthy swaps in your ingredients can make your meals wholesome and filling while giving you plenty of health benefits. Swear by the above-written pointers to keep yourself in fine fettle as you age.

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