Eat Like A Local- Jammin’ Flavours of Jammu.

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Eat Like A Local- Jammin’ Flavours of Jammu.

Many of you have heard of this phrase that love makes the world spin. Well, half of you can relate with this phrase especially all the foodies out there.

For a food lover it is always the food that makes their world go round. On a rainy day we dream of Jalebis and thandi Rabdhi , on a cold winter day hot chocolate vanishes all the blues and in the summers we just cannot do without our favourite ice cream.

There are plenty of places and local dishes which you might like in Jammu. In Fact Jammu is very underrated in all sections though it has lots of potential in terms of tourism with rich culture and heritage. You can savour all the mouthwatering local cuisines and street food whenever you visit that mesmerising state.

Here’s some special dishes that you might love to binge while you are visiting the state.

  • Khoya barfi from Thandi khui
  • Words are not enough to appreciate this dish. A man named ‘Bishan Das’ is said to make the best khoya barfi. You will surely get amazed by seeing him, he can’t see but still he can make a perfect cup of tea apart from making the popular Barfi which you will love to have. He can’t see but he deducts money according to the products you have taken and then returns you the money left. Isn’t this amazing?

  • Kachalu
  • Kachalu is one of the favorite foods of Jammu. Kachalu or Sweet Potato available on the streets of Jammu contains Chilli Powder, Freshly grounded Pepper, Sweet Potato and jamiri. You can find this delicious dish near Girdhari di hatti, Kachi chawni.

  • Kachalu, Imli, and kulcha – Sardar di hatti
  • A famous Sardar di hatti near Raghunath temple which is famous for kachalu, imli, khulca, and churan. This place is very popular and attracts many south Indian families.

  • Karaah
  • This sooji ka halwa is called karaah in dogri language. You can find this dight everywhere but there’s this one famous place where two vendors run their stalls early morning serving Sooji ka halwa in the City Chowk area of Jammu. Both serve Kadah in the traditional Doona(डूना) made from leaves. Don’t forget to visit them as early as possible, usually it’s all over by 8-8:30 am.

Over To You
Whenever you visit Jammu don’t forget to go local because what’s better than wandering like a local and gorging on the popular local cuisines. Do try these outstandingly delicious dishes there and cherish every moment with your loved ones.

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