WHO Tweeted That REPLACE Initiative Aims for A Trans-fat-free World by the End of 2023

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WHO Tweeted That REPLACE Initiative Aims for A Trans-fat-free World by the End of 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe disruption to health systems, economies, and societies the world over, and too much of The World Health Organisation’s work to support countries advance toward the “triple billion” targets of the 13th General Programme of Work, and the health targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. The world is moving at only about one-quarter of the pace needed to reach the SDG health targets by 2030, says WHO.

  • Review dietary sources of industrially-produced trans fat and the landscape for required policy change- Introduce the REPLACE action package, and provide guidance on initial scoping activities and drafting of a country roadmap for TFA elimination. Initial scoping activities rely on information that is already known or can be obtained through desk review or discussions with key stakeholders, with reference to other modules as needed.
  • Promote the replacement of industrially-produced trans fat with healthier fats and oils– Describe oil and fatty acid profiles, and available replacement oils and fats, including feasibility considerations and possible interventions to promote healthier replacements
  • Legislate or enact regulatory actions to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fat- Describe policy options and the current regulatory framework to eliminate industrially-produced TFA. Provide guidance on assessment steps to guide policy design and development of regulations suitable to the country’s context or update the existing legal framework to match the approach recommended by the World Health Organization.
  • Assess and monitor trans-fat content in the food supply and changes in trans fat consumption in the population- Describe the goals and methods for TFA assessment. Provide guidance on designing and carrying out a study of TFA in food and human samples.
  • Create awareness of the negative health impact of trans fat among policy-makers, producers, suppliers, and the public- Describe approaches to advocacy and communications campaigns to support policy action. Provide guidance on key steps to design and implement effective advocacy and communications campaigns, and evaluate progress.
  • Enforce compliance with policies and regulations- Describe TFA policy enforcement approaches, offenses, and roles. Provide guidance on mapping existing and creating new enforcement powers and mechanisms, public communications, penalties, funding, and timelines.

At the same time, WHO has continued to work against longstanding health challenges, including the recommendation for broad use of the world’s first malaria vaccine, and is closer than ever to eradicating polio. And they have continued to support countries to introduce measures against major disease drivers including tobacco and trans fatty acids.

Over To You:
Trans-fat is not good for the health, just good for the taste. Next tie you think about buying something processed, check the label and beware of trans-fat.

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