Know Which Type of Oats is Healthiest among Various Types

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Know Which Type of Oats is Healthiest among Various Types

Oats are the well-famed thing in the world of health. There is a varied variety of oats and due to its processing; their nutritional profile changes a bit. When it is about oats, processing does not link with the addition of artificial ingredients and instead it is about how the whole oats, which is known as groats are cut exactly. The different types of processing techniques provide a wide-ranging list of oat types and make it quite difficult to know about which one is the healthiest and what to choose to keep yourself in fine fettle.

Oatmeal in any form provides fibre and other plenty of essential nutrients and is a superhero for losing weight. But due to the different processing techniques, there is a chance that certain types of oats are slightly healthier than others for your total health. So, let’s find out which type of oats is highly healthy for your health so that you can map out the finest results.

Different types of oats

  • Oat Groats: This type of oats is extremely healthy as groats are the whole oats that contain the cereal germ, the bran, and the endosperm. This type of oat is not very processed and often requires pre-soaking before consuming. Oat groats are not easy to cook as it does not contain any processing and is simply made by harvesting, cleaning and eliminating the inedible hulls.
  • Oat Bran: This type of oat is prepared by easily processing the groat and it does not contain endosperm and cereal germ. It is also a nutritious form of oat and provides various health benefits. This type of oat can easily be cooked without any hassles. 
  • Rolled Oats: These oats go through the steaming process as a whole grain to soften the texture and further pressed with steel rollers. This assists in making the oats thinner and supple which lessen the cooking time and unstiffen the texture. These are the most common oats which are found in every household and are used in varied dishes. Old-fashioned and whole oats are the popular version of rolled oats that are easily available in the market.
  • Steel-Cut Oats: These oats are made by chopping the oat groat instead of rolling it. These are extremely smaller in size and take a long time to cook and are completely different in taste and texture. Due to its texture and composition, these oats are generally found in dishes like soups and stews. Irish or Scottish Oats are some of the famous types of steel-cut oats.
  • Instant Oats: These oats are well-known and are easily found in the market aisles and are heavily processed out of all the types of oats. These oats cannot take much time to cook and have a soft texture. These are extremely easy to prepare and you can enjoy it with various toppings and spices. 

What to pick? 

All oats are completely healthy and rich in various nutrients that can benefit your health in different forms. But as the Oat Groats does not go through any processing, it is one of the healthiest options you can choose to make yourself all hale and hearty. Oat groats are completely pure and contain the maximum nutrients. Other than this, the Groat oat is the second healthiest option you can choose, then Oat Bran, steel-Cut Oats, rolled Oats. Instant oats should be last in your list as it highly processed.


Enjoy the oats and choose the healthier ones in order to get maximum nutrition. Rolled oats are the much-loved oats among health enthusiasts and these provide numerous benefits to human health. If you want the healthiest version of oats, then you can choose oat groats. Don’t worry as every type of oats is healthy.  

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