Your Breakfast Cereal Killer

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Your Breakfast Cereal Killer

Breakfast is the chief meal of the day because the food you choose in the morning will fuel you for the rest of the day. Many people think that having breakfast cereal is healthy and the same is claimed by commercials, right? That it is a part of this complete breakfast! Well, that is not exactly true; it’s just a part of clever marketing other than anything.

As many breakfast cereal are fortified with vitamins and minerals to give you a good start to the day. But these so called Synthetic vitamins and minerals are not readily absorbed by the body and are actually treated as toxins and are eliminated by your body as quickly as possible.

Do you want to know whether your favorite cereal is healthy or not? Here are few things to know what makes cereals the killer of your breakfast.

Have a look!

  • Beware of oils: Most of the morning cereals are extensively loaded from hydrogenated oils and trans- fats which only have highly increased calories with negligible nutrients.
  • Sugar content: Many of the cereals are loaded with sugar and dried fruit which can amp up the sugar calories, leading to more sugar cravings, increased hunger, and metabolic issues.
  • Synthetic Vitamins: So called whole wheat cereals contain synthetic added vitamins, because “whole grain wheat” has been processed that it doesn’t contain many natural vitamins or minerals anymore, which are added to it back in synthetic form that doesn’t do much good to your body neither gives the required energy to start your day.
  • Appealing Labeling: Marketers very well know how to appeal larger pool of buyers and that’s where they take advantage to promote their not so healthy cereals. Where packaging claims, “diet cereals” and “low-fat cereals”, cereals inside it are completely processed and loaded with artificial flavors, ingredients and excess sugar (empty calories).

What you should be having for breakfast

REAL Foods-
There is no substitute for Mother Nature. Therefore, packing your meal plan only with real foods is the best way to derive all the good from it. Some healthy and real foods you can try are yogurt topped with sliced fruit, avo eggs, sprouted lentils or homemade granola bar. Do include the sources of listed nutrients in your real breakfast food guide.

  • Protein: A protein-packed breakfast keeps you healthy and satiated until lunch. It is a vital component to healthy breakfast. Eggs, yogurt, tofu, or chia seeds are some high-protein options that make your breakfast great.
  • Healthy Fats: Eating lots of healthy fats in the morning can help you burn more fats for the rest of the day. Fats you should be including in your breakfast mainly found in avocado, olive oil, coconut oil.
  • Less sugar: It’s best to fuel yourself with the low-sugar foods, which are full of fibers and proteins. You can add some amount of jaggery, dates, and coconut sugar in your recipes if you want to. Some recommended low sugar breakfast ideas are smoothie power bowl, quinoa parfait, scrambled tofu, and overnight oats.
  • Fewer carbs: Unless you’re an athlete or exercise a lot, you require fewer carbs throughout a day, and filling yourself with more carbohydrates than required will eventually turn in glucose and increase the risk of diabetes. Foods like eggs, bacon, avocado, sausages, and veggies and high-protein smoothies are good ideas from breakfast.


Over to you:
Choosing a highly-processed and over-packaged cereal as an important meal of the day is going to kill your healthy goals.Because these are usually loaded with sugar, low-quality carbs, and hydrogenated oils. So don’t get fooled by the food industry into thinking that their food product is the answer to a healthy breakfast. What our bodies need is, REAL foods to kick start the day!

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