World Asthma Day- Adequate Asthma Nutrition

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World Asthma Day- Adequate Asthma Nutrition

Asthma is a persistent disease that affects the lungs and airways. A larger section of population suffers from this respiratory illness. Although it is a long term disease there exist certain medications that can cure asthma. In order to upraise awareness and induce better management of asthma as well as for increased guidance and welfare, World Asthma day is marked!

The Holy Grail behind this is to comprehend proper diagnosis, effective treatment and reduce the number of people suffering from asthma. Apart from proper medications and treatment, it is advisable to follow a proper diet for an asthma patient.

Although there is no specific asthma diet but the foods for asthma patient should be highly nutritive and beneficial comprising a properly balanced diet. Nonetheless, there is certain food groups put forward to ensure adequate asthma nutrition and prevent the risk of developing asthma. Here it follows!

  • Antioxidants: Antioxidants eliminate and neutralize the free radical within the body. They are very beneficial and boost the overall well-being. It cures respiratory diseases and promotes better health. It stimulates immunity as well as improves cognitive function. It also manages blood sugar levels. Some of the important sources of antioxidants are eggs, berries, oranges and leafy greens.
  •  Magnesium: Magnesium calms and relaxes bronchial muscles and eases inflate airways. It gives relieve from severe asthma and its auxiliary symptoms. It also helps minimize inflammation. Magnesium is vital for the proper functioning of the body. It also manages diabetes and relieves anxiety. Therefore, to ease the respiratory issues and for further prevention, it is essential incorporate magnesium in your diet. Some of magnesium rich foods are pumpkin seeds, spinach, seafood, legumes and dark chocolate.
  • Vitamins: Vitamins possess anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamins are immunity boosters too. It reduces chronic inflammation and mutilation to the lungs and hence, keeps your respiratory health in check. Vitamin A and vitamin D are extremely good sources to support the functioning of lungs. These vitamins have multiple benefits and should definitely be present in your diet. Foods rich in vitamins are carrots, salmon, cantaloupe, sweet potato and eggs.


Your food choices can sometime result in serious ailments. Be mindful of what you consume. There is no definite food that can cure asthma but there are certain foods groups, the deficiency of which can expose you to the risk of developing asthma. In addition to it, there is grub which can literally trigger asthma and its symptoms. Therefore, it is essential to avoid such foods. Avoid sulfites, commonly found in pickles, fried food, chemical preservatives and allergy causing foods.

Over to You

It is imperative to educate masses about dealing with and managing asthma for an outclass acknowledgement and awareness. Healthier diet is quite instrumental to improve asthma and its symptoms as well. A healthful lifestyle can help control and manage your existing state. So, in order to promote overall wellness, make preferable choices and uphold nutritive sustenance.


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