White Rice VS Brown Rice

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White Rice VS Brown Rice

Rice is the most versatile grain that serves as a staple food to innumerable kitchens across the world!

When it comes to the differentiation of rice, the most heard buzz is- brown rice is way far healthier than the white rice. But, have you ever thought that what makes brown and white rice different from each other? If not, then this blog is going to load you up with each and every aspect of its differentiation. Read on with us to know what makes brown rice and white rice different? Have a look!

The Differentiation

Brown rice: It’s a whole grain, which means it consists of all the parts of grain that includes fibrous bran, nutritious germ, and carb-rich endosperm.

White rice: On the other end, bran and germ has been removed from white rice while processing it which leaves the white rice with fewer essential nutrients. That’s the main cause why brown rice is typically known to be much healthier than the white one.

The Nutritional Differentiation

It is a general idea that anything which is brown is much healthier than the white version of that food. However, before going into the further discussion, the basic differentiation behind is cleared above. Now coming back to point, white rice certainly under goes through the process of polishing and refining in which its natural coating consisting of full nutrition has been taken away. The bare nutrition left in white rice in abundance of carbohydrates. Brown rice still has more nutrients such as vitamins and minerals when compared with white rice. While not forgetting, white rice is an excellent source of folate (folic acid) too and it’s easy to digest. However, it leads to instant discharge of energy (calories) due to less nutritive values. Comparatively, brown rice is heavier to digest and makes you feel fuller from stomach. This quality of brown rice makes it easily approachable by weight seekers.

Nutrient Brown Rice White Rice
Thiamine 6% 1%
Niacin 8% 2%
Vitamin B6 7% 5%
Manganese 45% 24%
Magnesium 11% 3%
Phosphorus 8% 4%
Iron 2% 1%
Zinc 4% 3%


Here is the nutritional values chart of both the rice for better understanding. The first column depicting nutritional per cent is for brown rice and another following column is for white rice.

The bottom line
Brown rice scores slightly better in terms of health factors because it is a kind of whole grain comprising of both bran and germ which provide additional vitamins and minerals when compared to white rice. However, white rice comes with its own benefits too

Over to you

We hope that from next time when you have to choose between white rice and brown rice, it will be easier for you to choose the best. Best thing to do is include both the varieties in your diet alternatively.So choose wise, eat right!


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