Watch Fit: Six Nutritional Guidelines for Spectators

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Watch Fit: Six Nutritional Guidelines for Spectators

Cricket is a “bat and ball” game, with an estimated 1 billion fans worldwide, it is the second-most popular sport in the world after soccer.

Cricket is a part of daily life, it can be either playing cricket or watching cricket. Since its origin, cricket has drastically changed. Many forms of cricket have branched off from the authentic sport. Many tournaments have begun to revolve around and attracted much attention. One leading type of cricket tournament is the IPL or Indian Premier League.

IPL, or Indian Premier League, is a yearly tournament which includes prestigious superstars from all around the world. It is a game which comprises of all Indian teams where the players from countries all around the world participate.

The game is not only about the players or teams but terms equally important for the spectators or supporters. So, whether one is a player, supporter or spectator, sporting events can bring people of all ages and walks of life together.

Wherein, fun and food walk hand in hand although it isn’t easy to make healthy choices at sporting events. But, focusing on a certain set of healthy guidelines can make it possible.

  1. Eat at home – Eat a filling and nutritious meal prior to the event. Not only will this save the money, but it will not be as drawn to splurge on the high fat, calorific options if at the ground.
  2. Choose Healthy snacks –Always be mindful of what one is eating, because while watching the match on the television or at the ground, no-one is likely to pay attention to the hunger signals and how much an individual has had. Thereby, always try to replace the crispy snacks with fresh cut fruits/vegetables or salted nuts with healthy nuts and seeds.
  3. Stay hydrated – There’s no denying that water is the best thirst quencher. So, one must refill the bottles at regular intervals and keep sipping, in order to stay hydrated. Also, when at the ground it’s important to bring one’s own water bottle.
  4. Monitor the alcohol intake – Beer is always enjoyed while one is watching the game but drinking too much alcohol can harm one’s health. So, it’s important to keep note of how much an individual is drinking and should stay within the recommended guidelines.
  5. Keep moving–Sometimes, watching/witnessing sports makes us engage so much that it becomes hard to tear oneself away. Henceforth, sitting for long periods of time has been linked to some long-term health conditions. So, always make a conscious effort to get up and move as much as one can.
  6. Set yourself a “no-screen time”–How long sporting events last isn’t always within one’s control. Whether it is the late-night sessions or that extra time which makes an individual glued to those crucial minutes, which in turn leads to not getting enough sleep thereby hampering the health. So, setting a no-screen time such as switching off the screen from time to time (when at home) works well for health benefits.


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Thus, it’s time for some entertainment and catching up with friends/family over these IPL sessions and enjoy every bit keeping in mind some healthy advice for a better living.
Eat Healthy! Stay Healthy! Watch Fit!



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