Unlock The Secret Of Eating Right This Diwali

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Unlock The Secret Of Eating Right This Diwali

The moment, fall is about to arrive, we all starts cherishing the coming to Diwali Festive Season somewhere in the back of our minds. From glittering outfits to decoration to gift sessions to diwali especial menu. And that’s the point where your cravings doubles up which could be the onset spoiler for your health. Don’t worry we won’t ask you to totally give upon your diwali joyous moments but to be on a safer side, just to prevent yourself from guilt post diwali.
Well, that’s simple! While you are into the diwali preparation, from the same time, start preparing yourself to avoid the situation of binge eating sugar loaded mithai bowls. Before you step further to plate yourself the luscious desserts and main course, tell yourself “moderation is the key to come over this doubled up cravings.” To make your hard time simpler, here we are to unlock the secret of eating right this diwali.
So, button up your health goals to stick to them during this festive season. Here we go!

  •  Go Wise Not Sweet: House is flooded with sweets on during diwali but is it really worth it? Eating boxes of sugar coated mithai must taste sweet to your tongue but it’s like a bad relationship, you can’t help regretting later on! Besides, making you break out terribly it also let you put on extra inches on waist lines. So, go wise with sweets and celebrate with homemade sweets only.
  • Get Fab Instead Of Fat: Hey you! You are already pretty and fab. So, why to go beyond? Fat loaded dishes around dining is all that lures you but stick to being fab instead of plating yourself fat. Consume such dishes in moderation as a healthy diet choice or choose healthy fats over processed one. Healthy fats will do wonders to you, which you’ll see shortly once festive is over.
  • Stop, Don’t Rush: It’s almost difficult to stop from having more and more when you are served with delectable in numbers. But wait! Stop, relax and don’t rush. That’s what you need to tell yourself when you have finished your plate. If still feels hungry, opt for the healthiest food option you can find from many on table.
  • Plan In Advance: It’s better to always plan in advance to save yourself from feeling apologetic later on. If you are going to have a heavy dinner, restrict to your lunch. At the same time, never go with an empty stomach for such dinners as you might end up eating extra. So, go on with salad, poha, cheela yogurt with fruits or nuts for your lunch.

Over to you

Break the monotony on dining table while being in the sphere of your fitness achievements this diwali and further upcoming years. Stick to these secret pointer, now unraveled to help you out in the most difficult situation of the year.

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