Top Five Best Foods Not to Be Missed During Monsoons

By      16-Aug 2019       Reading Time: 5 Mins

Top Five Best Foods Not to Be Missed During Monsoons

Monsoon brings along reassuring rainfalls and the human tooth begins to crave for some tangy, spicy and delicious snacks. The rainy season is when certain foods make an appearance which everyone longs for on those gloomy days. Monsoon witness’s array of those street food stalls serving hot fried crispy treats, steaming hot and spicy foods and irresistible hot beverages like masala chai and coffee. So, indulge in these foods in a healthy way and make your monsoon more than flooded streets by adding more warmth to your soul.

Here we bring to you a list of India’s monsoon cravings which you can enjoy by gorging on these healthy avatars of your favourite snacks. These comfort foods will give you that warm feeling inside and can make any rainy day perfect.

Here’s a list of some foods to look for when the heavens open up!

  • Vada pav with mint chutney: The vada or wada used in the famous Maharashtrian vada pav is an irresistible potato patty served in the bread called pav. The potatoes are mashed and then made into balls which are coated and mixed with ginger, green chillies and a tadka (tempering) of mustard seeds and turmeric. These balls are then dipped in an herb-seasoned batter made with gram flour (besan) but instead of deep frying these balls, go for a healthy alternative and bake them to get rid of unnecessary calories. The finished vada can then be wrapped in whole wheat pav and served with mint chutney. You can always opt for whole wheat vada instead of a refined flour one.
  • Bhutta with a dash of lemon: Bhutta or corn on cob is synonymous to monsoon. This is a treasure during monsoon and just the aroma of boiling corn will treat your senses. So, just boil a corn cob, take a slice of lemon, dip it in salt and chili powder then rub it on the cob and gift yourself a mouth-watering snack. Corns are loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin, phytochemicals which promote healthy vision. Insoluble fibre in corn feeds the good bacteria in gut which helps in proper digestion. Lemon will provide you with vitamin C and that tangy taste will treat your taste buds well.
  • Bhajiya with masala chai: Masala chai can be is brewed with different combinations of warm spices like peppercorns, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger which not only treats you with flavours but also ensures health as they keep you warm and prevents infections during due to cold weather. Bhajiya can be made by ingredients like potato, onion, chilli or any other of your choice which are then dipped in besan and instead of frying bake them for a healthy twist.
  • Soup with bread crumbs: Soups can be made with any ingredient of your choice like tomato, spinach, chicken further add bread crumbs to it which are made of whole wheat. Soups provide you with warmth in monsoon season along with added nutrients and can be easily digested.
  • Rajkachori: Rajkachori is a mouth-watering delight. Indulge in this flavoursome snack by opting for a whole wheat kachori over maida (refined flour) one. Add stuffing’s like diced potatoes, mint chutney, curd, pomegranate seeds, sev to make it a healthy snack. Accompany rajkachori with chaata paani (made with tamarind, cumin and black salt) to make it more tempting.

Over to you

Monsoon demands for some snacks and one cannot go without snacking at this time. So, this monsoon season relish these listed snacks with a healthy twist and take care of both your health and taste buds with these tips.


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