This Winter Do One Simple Thing, Don’t Forget To Hydrate Yourself

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This Winter Do One Simple Thing, Don’t Forget To Hydrate Yourself

An ice cold glass of water on a hot day is more satisfying than anything thing else in the world. But, the scenario no more remains the same when the temperature is freezing outside and the last thing in mind comes asking only for hot beverage. However, staying hydrated even during winters is as crucial as if to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nevertheless, your body gives you abundance of reasons to have two liters of daily water intake, regardless the season. Most prominent reason survives besides all is optimal functioning of the body. Not only water helps you to stay hydrated but also, considered as an essential key in regulating multiple body functioning and keeping your body’s mechanism on track. So, let’s sneak into what more drinking water in winter has to show!

  • Keeps You Warmer: Loading your body with enough of fluids plays a key role in maintaining the body temperature during all the season. And not having enough water can cause the core temperature drop, at times dramatically! This is the biggest reason why people suffer from hypothermia while staying outside for extensive time. However, drinking plenty of water avoid such situation while keeping you warmer.
  • Dehydration Is Less Noticeable: Unlike summers, in winters, an urge of drinking water is less noticeable as hot weather make you sweat profusely. Sweating gets in to turn to water vapor quickly wherein the extra layers of clothing in the season of drier air can put your body in the situation of dehydration without even the realization. That’s the reason why we suggest you to drink water throughout the day.
  • Water retention: Water is an utterly fundamental aspect for efficient body system functioning including your nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems. In case, you are not drinking enough water, your body will reimburse the same by extracting water/fluids from cells, resulting in bloating and discomfort allied with water retention. Hence, drinking more water can purge fluid retention.
  • Boost Your Immunity: Though temperature is cold outside but it also brings drier air, which can form the condition of dehydration within, which in turn cause the body to feel run-down and may lead to muscle fatigue. Therefore, when you help your body with plenty of water, you actually give it the fluids needed to fight off with these issues.
  • Maintain Your Weight: When the body is properly hydrated, it is more efficient in breaking fats and converting it to energy, which helps you stay active especially in winters. Staying all up with water also prevent the body from retaining fluids. If you aren’t having enough water, your body will stubbornly hold on fluids it already has, which results in weight gain.

The Three Water Under Your Hands Mantra

  • Always keep a water bottle with you wherever you go. At your desk in office, next to the in bed or sofa and in your handbag to sip more frequently.
  • Winter- the perfect time sip on hearty soups and stews, all full of water. Sipping soup is the deliciously comforting way to boost your fluid (water) intake.
  • Eat your water by adding cucumber, radishes, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers as they all are composed of at least ninety percent of water.

Over to You:

Hope your misconception of drinking water with seasonal change is clear and no longer you believe, drinking water is just the matter of scorching heat. So, stay hydrated with as much as water you can even during the frost and let your body perform uniformly.

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