Takeaway notes on obesity

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Takeaway notes on obesity

Obesity is a leading health issue that is prevailing globally. A complex disorder when a person gains excess weight and body fat which disturbs the body mass index. These fat cells create inflammation and produce hormones which increases the risk of a number of health conditions that include heart disease and high blood pressure levels. Hence, it is important to maintain a healthy weight for the overall well-being.

An annual campaign was established in 2015 with the motive of supporting and promoting needed actions to be taken to help achieve a healthy weight.

It is organized by the World Obesity Federation in official relations with the World Health Organization with an aim to lead and drive global efforts to reduce, prevent and treat obesity.
To maintain a healthy weight, we bring forth some practical solutions to reduce this global problem which can help live healthier lives!

A healthy breakfast:
Add more fiber to the plate. When the right kind of food we eat in the breakfast which means foods that prevent obesity such as eggs, fruits, vegetables, whole-grain cereals help keep you satiated and energized and will also beat any mid-meal hunger pangs. Fiber rich food not only assists in weight loss but also help prevent from gaining extra weight.

Avoid too many calories:
Intake of excess calories can lead to weight gain and obesity. When a person consumes more calories and burn less in the form of energy, then those extra calories get stored in the body as fat. A high calorie diet includes fast food, beverages, fried foods and packaged food items. Consuming such food items on a regular basis can increase the risk of weight gain. Also, it is extremely necessary to cut down added sugar in the diet as it can result in increased hunger pangs which leads to unnecessary munching.

Switch to active lifestyle: Considering the busy lifestyle pattern, we spend the maximum hours working in front of the computer screens. This leaves less time for any form of physical activity. But it is necessary to be physically active as it induces the growth of happy hormones in the body making you feel light. Moreover, physical activity leads to burn excess calories derived from the daily diet. Any form of activity such as walking, cycling, swimming and aerobics helps improve physical and mental health.

Improve sleeping pattern: Consistent sleep patterns and the quality of sleep are associated with maintaining weight and behavioural balance. Practicing it for a month or so will give worthwhile results. Being sleep deprived or not getting enough sleep both, can result in obesity because it can lead to hormonal changes that increase the appetite and contributes to weight gain.

Eat less refined carbs: Refined carbs such as bread and pasta can spike blood sugar levels and these are the foods that cause obesity since refined carbs leads to hunger and unnecessary cravings.

Drinking water before meals: Drinking water 30 minutes before your meals helps boost the metabolism and burns few extra calories as well. Include it with few lifestyle changes, better diet choices and physical activities for weight management.

Medications and weight gain: Some medicines can cause weight gain depending upon the body type or how the body accepts medicine composition. Always consult a doctor when starting a new medication because few drugs are likely to have direct effects on weight and this might result in other lifestyle problems as well.

Emotional balance: Maintaining an emotional balance is also related to healthy body weight. Some people overeat because of depression, anger, loneliness and other such related emotional instability. This does not mean that all obese people deal with emotional problems but in some cases such feelings does influence eating habits.

Over to you

It is important to understand that with an improved lifestyle and certain changes in the diet are crucial to maintain healthy body weight for the prevention of obesity. It helps you feel good about yourself, lowers the risk of various health problems and gives more energy to enjoy life. It is essential to know about the causes and solutions to obesity.

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