Sweets for all

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Sweets for all

All Indian festivities are incomplete without thinking of sweets and according to the occasions there are varieties of sweets which basically are the highlight of the festivals. Diwali celebration is filled with more of enthusiasm and festive spirit and what complete it are flavorful Indian sweets. But it is much better to prepare them on your own and that too according to the health preferences. It will help control the sugar intake and unhealthy cooking oil. Ditch fancy ingredients with super easy solutions to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings. Well, there might not be any particular indian sweets for weight loss but there are few diet dessert recipes which you can prepare this Diwali and treat if on a weight loss program.

Nutritional recommendation for diabetes are: focusing on complex carbs, including low GI foods, and refraining from sugary foods. We also often think that diabetic people have to totally cut off desserts and sweets from the diet. But the fact is that while, it is necessary for such people to control their sugar and calorie intake they can still enjoy delectable sweets occasionally in limited quantities. The same goes for vegans or lactose intolerant; they can also enjoy some luscious Indian desserts for Diwali celebration. Here is the guide for the same with various healthy sweet options for all!

Red pumpkin halwa for diabetics: As diabetes is a complicated condition which makes it even more difficult for people to decide what all to eat and what to avoid. The abundance of vitamin C plays a great role in helping the body to stimulate insulin. Pumpkin also helps reviving the damage cells in the pancreas which makes it possible to treat diabetes and other complications. Pumpkin is a super food which is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, iron and unsaturated fats and does have a place for a healthy diabetic diet.

Chana dal barfi for vegans: The vegan diet is a vegetarian diet and is fully devoid of dairy products which might be a little difficult in the preparation of Indian sweets. But vegans can have a healthy alternative with chana dal barfi which is the popular Indian sweet. The healthier version is made with lentils, nuts, almond butter and flavored with the hint of cardamom and is a dairy free delicacy.

Sooji ladoo for lactose intolerant: This popular Maharashtrian sweet prepared for festivals is a simple and quick option to be prepared for lactose intolerant. It is made with roasted rava, coconut, nuts and almond milk which makes it a richer version of all the sweets and is loaded with flavors.

Ragi sheera for weight loss: If you are on a diet and trying to shed off the extra calories, then include ragi in your diet. It helps in weight management and contains amino acid known as Tryptophan which helps in reducing the appetite and helps manage the weight. All people on diet can still satiate the sweet tooth and enjoy Diwali with a simple recipe of ragi sheera which is also low on calorie count.

Oats and apple phirni: A low calorie phirni is a great option for the Diwali celebration. It is loaded with diverse flavors which is prepared with coarsely rolled oats and is perfectly balanced with the natural sweetness of apple. This improved and healthful version of phirni is a better choice for the overall health.

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Diwali calls for vast selection of sweets and such temptations can surely be controlled by indulging in weight loss dessert recipes which is perfect for the overall health. Try these healthy substitutes for sweets this festive season!

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