Seven Ways to Make Your Kids Eat More Veggies

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Seven Ways to Make Your Kids Eat More Veggies

Making kids eat anything healthy is always a task to achieve. As kids generally turn their nose in seek to enjoy junk and processed to please the growing taste buds just like their age, it becomes even trickier to add nutritious source like vegetables in their diet. This may possibly lead to toil on your child’s health. Hence, a healthy diet for children is necessitated for their overall physical and mental health development. Before we go any further, let’s know what veggies have to offer!

Veggies are Loaded with Essential vitamins, Fiber and Antioxidants

Nutrients Sneak Peak

  • Negligible amount of fat, cholesterol and calories.
  • Important source to Vitamin A, C, dietary fibre, folate (folic acid) and potassium.

Health Benefits Insight

  • Vitamin A: Keep the skin and eyes healthy by protecting against infections.
  • Vitamin C: Aids in healing cuts and wounds, iron absorption and maintains teeth and gums health.
  • Dietary Fiber: Make the stomach fuller, supports in bowel functioning and lowers the risk of constipation.
  • Folate (folic acid): Help the body produce red blood cells and reduces the risk of neural tube defects and anencephaly during fetal development in pregnant women.
  • Potassium: Facilitate healthy blood pressure, preserves bone mineral density and reduces the risk of kidney stone formation.
  • Less Fat, Cholesterol and Calories: Lessens the risk of heart diseases, stroke and type-2 diabetes.

Seven Ways to Make Your Kids Eat More Veggies (Homemade Veggie Delights And Tips To Inculcate)

  • Veggies Dips: If not the raw vegetables then smartly sneak the veggies in the form of veggie dip in your kid’s diet. Gather all the assorted veggies, aromatic fresh herbs, garlic, onion, tomato and spices for seasoning to make a healthful bowl of veggies and serve in your kid’s plate. Also, it’s fancy and nutritious option for your kid’s party as well.
  • Kids Friendly Chaat: Make your kids eat veggies like never before by playing a little around sprouts, corns, puffed rice, fresh chopped veggies and of course the aromatic herbs, Indian spices and not forgetting the tongue twist- lemon. Choose any ingredient from sprouts or corns or puffed rice and mandate following ingredients. Mix all well top it with chopped tomatoes and serve.
  • Baked Veggie Balls: Incredibly irresistible veggie balls with a healthy twist can be served along with chapattis to kids. These healthful veggie balls are the flavourful treat to be added in your kid’s plate. For that, gather assortment of veggies (mostly preferred by your kids) to get started with this scrumptious recipe. Add on of this recipe is gravy! Though it’s optional but can be incorporated as per the taste.
  • Crispy Sticks: Now here you have two options to make veggie crispy sticks. One is plain crispy sticks and other one is coated crispy sticks. To make plain veggie stick, you simply have to cut veggies into sticks and bake. However, in order to make coated veggie sticks, you need to bind the coating of whole wheat crumbs and oats with the help of besan and need to bake accordingly. So, treat your kids with varieties of veggies without even making them realize.
  • Change Your Cooking Method: Changing cooking method by the time shows positive effects on your kid’s eating habits as well. As it breaks the monotony of regular cooking style not just for you but also adds the increasing variation in your kids eating. So, try changing your cooking style by preparing food in different forms such as baking, grilling, roasting and air frying. Nonetheless, doing so, also adds health value to the meals.
  • Go Organic: Last but foremost way to make your kids eat more veggies is encouraging them in home organic gardening. This might sound little out of the box but it actually works. Start growing herbs and easily home grown veggies with your kids by asking for their help. Also, you can interest them more by telling the process of planting and growing veggies while do so. This will help your kids take more interest in vegetables.

Over to you

Finicky kids can be easily lured for healthy food! Simply plan your kid’s diet in a manner which looks fancy but hides the most needed nutrients in the form of hidden veggies for kids. Since your child health is in your hands only, you better get your hands over dealing these picky eaters by slowly and gradually introducing the listed ways to make your kids eat more veggies!



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