Seven point guide for diwali feasting

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Seven point guide for diwali feasting

Diwali is a synonym of lights, sweets, fireworks, blessings and fun with friends and family. The celebration is incomplete unless we eat our hearts out but later we are grumpy because of the guilt which is caused by weight gain due to unlimited special diwali food.

We can celebrate this beautiful festival of lights with a bit of planning and by ensuring to make healthy choices. Here are few guidelines to have a festive, fun and healthy Diwali while staying on a diwali diet!

  • Load your stomach before you leave for an outing: Fancy outing and late night dinner are everyday task during Diwali. Be it card parties or you’re awake having drinks, the best way is that before leaving for any outing, keep yourself stuffed with salads and smoothies prepared at home only.
  • Share your desserts: Yes, they say right ‘sharing is caring’! Sharing your dessert will help you consume fewer calories and hence, chances of you putting on weight will be lessen too. Can’t resist the tempting ladoos or jalebis? Pick up one and break it into half or four pieces and share with other three people.
  • Have timely meals: Never attend parties or family gatherings on empty stomach. This is the most common way you overeat and hog more to satisfy cravings. Instead, before leaving your home make sure to eat a bowl of fresh fruits or salad. Avoid having heavy meals at odd hours and unhealthy munching. Have small and frequent meals instead.
  • Have a healthy Diwali menu: Adopt this perfect principle- “Have healthy, serve healthier”. This will be easy and nutritious for the guests too! Try to have healthy swaps like instead of ghee laden besan ladoos, you can have granola ladoo or instead of potato chips, go for kale chips.
  • Don’t buy, buy less, prepare more at home: Be it sweets or savouries, prepare all at your home. You can use healthy oil options and sugar substitutes. You can change the cooking method too like instead of deep frying, go for baking or grilling. Make pakodas or gujias in air-fryer.
  • Cheers wisely-drink wisely: It’s like it is not the traditional way but has become one of the traditions to serve alcohol during Diwali. Alcohol consumption within limits is fine but beyond limit can cause serious dehydration and hangover issues. But you can try drinks like homemade mint lassi or jaljeer.
  • Switch to low calorie recipes: Diwali snacks are brimmed with calories, oil and sugar which will shoot up your weight like anything. Low calorie recipes like corn patties, green chana salads, fruit smoothies loaded with variety of fruits or healthy desserts like saffron-oats ladoo. Avoid overeating.

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It is perfectly normal for the average person to put on few kilos during festival season, especially Diwali. All you should do is avoid stuffing yourself with sweets and unhealthy junk which are loaded with sugar, preservatives and fats. Later they make you dread throughout the year because they settle up in your abdomen and suddenly you find yourself to be fat!

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