Seven food recipes you will fall in love this autumn

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Seven food recipes you will fall in love this autumn

It’s autumn time once again so, don’t just satisfy yourself by visual treats but look for delectable food options this fall season. Well, it’s time to replace all those ice cream bars and burgers with root vegetables and herbs.

For sure, autumn is known for pumpkins, squashes and berries, foods with health benefits of their own. But there are several other fall food choices that might just make you forget about all those summer barbecues.

Though there are few autumn foods in india so, here we have come up with all delectable autumn food recipes that you can try and you will love them for sure.

Stuffed capsicum:
Capsicum is intact with a unique blend of aroma and flavour. And when it is stuffed, its just a cheery on top! Make these stuffed capsicums in no time. Simply fill the seedless capsicum (halved) with the mixture prepared by using olive oil, cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onions, crushed clove, basil leaves, grated rind of lemon. You just have to stuff the capsicums and bake them in oven for few minutes and you are ready to go.

Green beans with parsley and lemon: You will love this green bowl of health which consists of green beans, lemon, parsley, olive oil, pinch of black salt and pepper. Here you just need to cook beans in boiling salt water, until tender, then in a mixing bowl just mix all the ingredients well and enjoy a light and healthy meal.

Roasted pumpkin soup: Soup is so light and soothing. For this roasted pumpkin soup, you will require pumpkins, brown onion, garlic cloves, vegetable or chicken stock, grated ginger, natural yogurt, spices, mixed herbs and olive oil. You can easily make this by first baking chopped pumpkins then just prepare a tadka by heating olive oil, adding onions, ginger, garlic then stock and cooked pumpkins. Once it’s done, cool and puree it in a blender.

Marinated mushroom and charred broccoli salad: This salad is delightful, and will also satisfy all vegans out there. For this, you just require mushrooms, lemon zest, broccoli florets, small bulb fennels, salt, black pepper powder and red pepper flakes.

Pumpkin alfredo: Well who doesn’t love alfredo? Here is a nice twist to it by giving a punch of pumpkin to it. For this recipe you will require whole grain fettuccine, reserved pasta water, olive oil, garlic cloves, pumpkin puree, nutmeg, chopped parsley and low-fat cream.

Squash casserole: Take your squash love to next level with this rich and creamy casserole. For this, you will require yellow squash, onion, garlic, cream of mushroom, crumbled butter crackers, beaten eggs, skimmed milk, salt and pepper. Make this casserole and enjoy its delectable taste.

Cheesy autumn mushroom: This dish is a salad appetiser which gets ready in no time. For this you will just require mushrooms, walnuts, blue cheese, rocket leaves, salt and pepper as per the taste. You just need to spread the ingredients on baking tray and bake.

Over to you

Autumn season brings along various food options and with these foods you can make numerous healthy yet delectable dishes. Try these autumn food ideas!

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