Relish the Ramadan Feast Nutritiously

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Relish the Ramadan Feast Nutritiously

Ramadan is considered a holy and sanctified month in Islam, dedicated to prayer and reading Quran. The month of Ramadan is the one in which Quran was released to Prophet Muhammad and it is believed that the gateway to heaven is wide open. In this month of self-purification, one has to refrain from food, drinks, evil thoughts and deeds.

Fasting for long hours can be extremely challenging during this time. It is essential to pay heed to the kind and quality of food to consume at the predawn meal to stimulate the energy levels and keep them intact. To prevent hunger pangs and enhance the endurance make nourishing dietary choices. Right from consuming a healthy diet to adequate hydration, everything has to be in place to stay on top throughout the month.

Keep exhaustion and fatigue away during the fast and provide yourself with vitality. Ensure healthy Ramadan with the following suggestions:

  • Don’t Miss Out on Pre-Dawn Meal: The importance of the pre-dawn meal also known as Suhour can’t be overlooked. The pre-dawn meal keeps you energetic and well hydrated all throughout. In order to feel duller add proteins to your meals. Consume fruits, vegetables, yogurt, grains and eggs and give yourself all the essential nutrients to stimulate your energy. Vouch for foods that ease the digestive processes and are soothing for the body.
  • Healthy Balanced Meal at Iftar: The fast is generally broken with dates, because of the nutritional content and the natural sugar, it stacks your energy levels. To ensure vigour and vitality consume foods high in proteins, fiber as well as vitamins. Also inducing carbs in moderate amounts can perfectly balance your diet. It is imperative to avoid foods high in fat, salt and sugar. Take meals that help you replenish the essential nutrients and your energy levels. Walking after the meal can also be a great help. It can help in digestion, promote a healthy heart and keep your exuberance intact for the next day.
  • Hydration: To remain fit and active throughout Ramadan, hydration is the key. Consume bounties of fluids to stuff your body with the essential nutrients. In order to prevent dehydration, drink plenty of fluids before and after the meals. Fresh juices, milk, coconut water and water are the best ways to quickly replenish your energy. Proper hydration helps in digestion and also flushes the toxins out of the body. Make sure you consume adequate amount of fluids between Iftar and Suhour to restock your vitality. Also, avoid the unhealthy drinks.
  • Plan it Out: Since you have to consume only during the limited times in a day, it is very important to pay attention to what you consume. Avoid the unhealthy and processed foods. No matter how feasible it is to consume them, it only deprives your body of the nourishment and does no good. Over-indulgence into food can be fatal for your health. Consume smaller portion and eat slowly so that the body gets time to digest the food. If you exceed on the quantity of food it can lead to indigestion and gastritis. Eat foods that keep help with digestion and keep you hydrated. In order to stay fit, eat at a leisurely pace and keep healthy.
  • Ease-off: Fasting for a whole month can really get rigorous and might take a toll on your health. Try to save every bit of energy, you can. Apart from mindful eating and the hydration routine, it is very essential to take rest in order to restore your energy levels and stay rejuvenated. Take quick naps to save on vitality. Indulge in some workouts to stay energetic and fit. Energize yourself with small breaks, any fitness activity or cold showers to be in fine fettle during Ramadan.

Over to You

To make your Ramadan even more worthwhile, make sure you eat, drink as well as sleep well, with absolutely no compromise on the enjoyment of the festivities. Choose to stay healthy and flourishing this Ramadan!


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